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Jun 20, 2004
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I just got my gp32 a couple days ago

I was wondering what everyone likes to use, and if there is some stuff that is none to improve performance.

I have also yet to find a decent Genesis emulator, nothing with sound.

What I have is

craigiX Arcade
os9xgp - wonder why they can't make a genesis one like this

I also have ScummVM (I heard willy beamish might work on scumm) and Sarien

I have WinGP also, I only use it when certain things freeze or I want to try a different route.

If it seems like I might be missing something itegral please tell me.

I was also wondering if older games like grim fandango could ever work on a system like this.
Firstly, a warm and hearty welcome to the scene. You'll *probably* love your little gizmo. Be sure, also, to try out GPCinema and a load of the homebrew games/ports - Doom, The Gianna Sisters Return, Beats of Rage, and King of Fighters '91 being a few that spring to mind instantly.

You'll probably find the "ultimate list" for GP32 on PDRoms, though I'm not entirely certain whether that includes emulators or not. Could do, but it may just be homebrew games. Oh, btw... Yoyofr is a coder, not an emulator - he made OS9x, along with ThunderZ and Laxer03 (?) doing the interface and ASM core (next version) respectively. He also made Little John GP, the best nes emu we've got around. And then released weekly betas for a little whilemaking it the best NES emu on the scene at the moment. Hence why we're all pretty much in awe of him...

You might want to have a look at the latest version of Gigadrive for a genesis emu with sound - it might not have more than bleeps, but it is sound. It also doesn't have the z80 core implemented yet, so there are a LOT of games that just won't work with sound anyway. With any luck, however, the upcoming, hopefully not too distant, release of fGen should give us something that is actually full speed, or close to, with sound. In the mean time, try Sonic 1 and Phantasy Star 4 on Gigadrive - you might be pleasantly surprised. BTW: If you're at all interested, see if you can find the last release of Zardoz' Genemu and the fGen x-mas beta and try those - that's what Genesis emulation was like before the Cyclone core. And in their time, those were amazing :D.

Idd, the reason there isn't yet a genesis emu like OS9x is primarily because emus for the later systems we're potentially able to emulate (i.e. 16 bit things - SNES, Genesis etc.) take a very very long time to make. OS9x has been in development since roughly speaking the last release of Little John, which would make that almost 8 months before the very first release; now over I year, I think - and that's with one of the best coders in the scene working on it. Likewise, if you have a look at the fDave interview on Hooka's site, you'll see he's already spent the good part of a year on the Cyclone 68k core that allows gigadrive and fGen to achieve the mind-bogglingly fast speeds they do. Lack of horsepower is always going to make developing more advanced things slower - and of course, there has to be someone who wants to do it in the first place.

ScummVM, I suspect, won't play Willy Beamish, certainly not in the current release, and possibly not ever. Though the project is expanding slowly beyond Lucasarts games - maybe it will one day, though I somehow doubt it.

Grim Fandango, on the other hand, is somewhat unlikely ever to be made, unless Lucasarts decide they want to cash in on the system during the European release (which I doubt) or someone creates a re-make. The problem is, you see, that for a game to be ported over, the source code is required. And of course, that is kept in a vault somewhere in Lucasarts HQ, heavily guarded probably, and with a "Classified information" sign (also probably) affixed to the door of the room its in. And the chances of it being released are slim to none; especially given Lucasarts' attitude to ScummVM (i.e. they want to sue them, but they can't, because they haven't done anything illegal). Now a remake, that might technically be possible (at least, if you forego speech - not enough space on the card. But even then, consider the number of names in the credits of the real PC game, and then think that the project wouldn't have that many people - it'd have one, 2 if it were lucky, working in their spare time for fun. Which makes it somewhat of a gargantuan undertaking.

Of course...

You could always try and do a remake yourself using Gigas... it would probably be possible. Possibly :)
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I have the christmas release Fgen. I still haven't got gigadrive to work, maybe I downloaded the overclocked versions but they always freeze at startup. It's the only emu that lets me play out of this world, SNES included. I had never heard of gneralnmx. As for making grim fandango from scratch, I already had a hard enough time making monkey island work because the save name was 9 characters and I had to hexedit it. I'm going to do more research on the willy beamish thing I swore I saw it was playable somewhere.
Are you using zipped up roms? That would stop it from working. I'm fairly sure it works with both .smd and .bin, though, so I doubt that would... Try to get hold of the 132 version (its got 132 on the end of the filename) and see if that works too; that doesn't overclock...

Oh, and, you missed of CaSTaway, one of the best ST emus ever, let alone on the GP32 :)
I've only tried out of this world and strider, maybe that's the reason the emu doesn't work. Funny that the turbograxf pcengines work so perfectly and it was the least popular of the 16 bit systems. I'm sure there's a good reason, was it the least powerful?
I've only tried out of this world and strider, maybe that's the reason the emu doesn't work. Funny that the turbograxf pcengines work so perfectly and it was the least popular of the 16 bit systems. I'm sure there's a good reason, was it the least powerful?
I believe it was really an 8-bit system with 16-bit graphics or something like that.
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The TG-16 used 2 twin 8 bit processors to do the job of a 16 bit one - which makes it a somewhat easier piece of kit to emulate. Though somewhat easier is by no means easy - GPEngine is still one of the most impressive pieces of software for the GP; just a shame it doesn't have saves yet (grr) lol.

Do try some other games with Gigadrive - Sonic 1 is particularly fun, and will give you an indication as to whether you've got it all set up properly, since its sure to load.

DOSbox, in principle, could be ported. There's a quite a few threads on it, which you might want to have a look up (some very interesting discussion's gone on about the possibility of using x86 games on the GP in the past), but what it comes down to is that you'd be lucky to get an 6MHz 286, so no-one's bothered yet. Which is a shame, since there are quite a lot of games that would actually run on one of those, if none of the graphically splendorous ones of the PC's later years.

FreeSCI I don't know as much about, but to be honest, its in early enough stages, if I remember correctly, that you might as well just use Sarrien and wait until its better before hoping for a port...
Space quest 3 or king's quest 5 would be amazing to play on a handheld, especially since point and click would be more efficient than the on-screen keyboard. It would be great if a little keyboard could go into the ext port. I don't even know if that's possible though. Since GP is never going to make money off games they should flood us with accesories like that. I can't complain though, as far as I'm concerned I have the best handheld in the world. This is as far ahead of the competition as turbo express was, unfortunately neither seem to be making a serious dent.
Well... you evidently haven't quite come across the chatboard yet - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Have a look at Nigel Brown's page to get one - dunno if it works with Sarien yet, though. What it definitely does work with, though, is CaSTaway, which you might want to have a look at, given that the ST had quite a few of the early Sierra games made for it :)
Wow sonic runs great you were right, the sound is a lot more than I expected also. I'm going to check out Nigel's site right now.
You guys are great thanks for the information