Should the Pyra charger be an optional extra?

According to the latest post, Fatih is looking for a standard transformer->mini USB cable with different external plugs you can slide on to the transformer, like my Pandora's charger is, and like many other charger devices I've picked up over the years.

The only downside to this is that devices tend to have to be slightly chunky to cope with the well-spaced UK plug (and it's earth pin that physically opens the rest of the socket). I've only seen more slim-line devices where the transformer casing has been created specifically for the UK market (presumably most of the innards are the same, but there are various neat folding designs out there now to make it as small as a continental charger when not in use).

The size of the Pandora charger is not a problem for me in the UK, as my extension sockets all are well spaced just to cope with the size of the UK plug anyway and the way the cable exits the side, not the top. But I gather such large extensions are not as common in other countries, so the Pandora charger or something like it actually blocks off other sockets in use.