1. PowerGod

    [CLI] devreorder + x360ce installer

    I was used to setup gamepads with STEAM, but at some point I found out that those configurations were messing with the entire system, when STEAM was open... so I had to close STEAM every time I had to play something else with a controller... Now I disabled the STEAM controllers managements, and...
  2. PowerGod

    MAME tools to mass change controllers configuration ?

    Hi, I have multiple gamepads, and most of them are also recognized as different devices when I connect them in a different way. Example: PS2 (normal USB only gamepad) -> Only one device MD (could be connected with USB or BlueTooth, as an X-Input device or as a D-Input device) -> this creates...
  3. PowerGod

    8bitdo gamepads pairing with Pandora Bluetooth

    Do you know if there's something on the repo to make the pairing with 8bitdo gamepads possible ? Just asking because with the normal way it always fails, but I suppose to be able to package a simple solution, if there's still nothing around.
  4. PowerGod

    Setting default Joystick/Gamepad on Windows

    I put this here because took me too much time to find out a solution (if you can call it like that...), and maybe could be useful for someone else too. When you have more than one Joystick/Gamepad connected to the PC them are always randomly switched, and you never know what will be the number...