Sent multiple emails for 2 weeks, no reply from


Apr 24, 2007
I sent two emails two weeks ago, and still no reply from concerning my order. Did they change the address?
To my knowledge, the address hasn't changed. There's probably a backlog.
Yeah it's been like that for a while it seems.

I've been trying to contact them because my address has changed by this time (actually it may change again in a few months .. hopefully after I order is processed ..)

Unfortunately I'm not getting any reply. So I hope once my queue is up they don't send it to the wrong address :ph34r:
Similar issue here. I've tried multiple e-mail addresses over the last few weeks with no reply. That must be one heckuva backlog. But since i've gone to the boards I may as well do what i've been trying to do via e-mail.

My folks are highly skeptical of OP due to the constant delays (that I always emphasize are outside OP's control) that we have endured. The other major factor with my case is that i'm the only one of my kinfolk who keeps up to date on the daily drama. I personally want to upgrade my preorder to a premium, but said skeptical kinfolk desire an assurance from the crew that if I get a premium, that it will indeed be sent out within the next shipment or two.

Thank You for indulging me,

Customer #[Removed]
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Hi BlueJelly.

I'm not too sure what the order number format is these days, but if that's what you signed off with there, I hope you don't mind my removing it - I'm not so sure it's a good idea to post them out in the open!

I'm sorry I can't be of any help here, but I just wanted to make it clear why I edited your post. :p
Oops. Thanks. Had no idea that that was a bad idea.

Could I post part of it and have it be still recoqnisable to those in the know? I'd prefer to bother the team as little as possible, and go back to lurking, but I also want an assurance that I can show the skeptics in my midst. I'm fully aware that this is a highly unusual circumstance, BTW. I just don't wanna go behind their back and send another $170 to a company they don't really trust at this point :'( For now i'll await a verdict on posting a partial order number. See ya.
I honestly don't know the answer about a partial number - I'm afraid I'll have to defer to those in the know, here!

You may want to send a PM to Craigix or EvilDragon on the matter (to get them to take a look here), as they're a couple of the guys behind the device, and they're active here on the forum almost every day.
edit: I'm told my pandora (June 24th Premium) is going out in the next week.
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