RMA, failing LCD cable and cut on LCD's back


Feb 13, 2009
Hello ED,

I have a GC Pandora with failing LCD cable > green and purple spots on screen when the lid is 40-45% opened.

Also my Pandora has a centimeter long cut on the LCD surface (not on the outer protectice plastic). Please see the attached picture.

Can I send them back to your address for an LCD + cable replacement?

Thank you!

Original order number: Send via PM -Poke, upgrade position was #53.


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PokeParadox: thank you for removing the order #.

ED: Do I have to pay for return shipping, parts or labor? Will you cover these? If so how can I compensate your efforts?

What if I need a new silver case? How can I pay the difference?

Thank you in advance and sorry for the many questions.

Ps. Will use this address:

OpenPandora GmbH

Schaeffbraeustr. 11

85049 Ingolstadt

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I can cover your shipping costs if you like.

If you want new case then simply mention that in a note you put into the package.

Please also put your return address onto the note.

If you really want to compensate me then simply send some money with PayPal to donation@OpenPandora.org
ED, Thank you!

Package will leave later this day or tomorrow. I will PM the tracking number. I will also send money to your Paypal account.

Agian, thank you so much!

edit: I mailed the package an hour ago. tracking number sent through dragonbox.de's contact form.
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Hello ED,

Tracking said 'package was delivered'. Could you please confirm if you have received the package.

Feel free to invoice me on my paypal accounf if I owe you more money.

Thank you!
Wow, that is a fast repair! Good to see your backlog is reduced ED. Will send another Pandora next week for repair. Would hate to see you have nothing to do ;)