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Jan 10, 2006
Hi, my name is Chris. I'm new here.

I'm getting ready to launch a new site that showcases homebrew videogames from various platforms. I know the GP32 has a great homebrew scene and I wanted to launch the site with some of the better GP32/GP2X homebrew games already there.

The site allows users to upload games themselves, so the list doesn't have to be exhaustive. I just want to get some initial high-quality games there for when it is launched. Unfortunately I don't own a GP32 or GP2X (yet) and I haven't played any of the games.

So if you guys could give me a few lists of your opinion of the best homebrew games that would be great. The only requirement for the site is that the game is a completed version. The goal for the site is to be a compiliation of complete, finished, polished hombrew games.

As you can tell I'm a newb to the GP32. I've done a little GBA development. Had a game on the 2004mbit compo cartridge they released. So I don't know much about the system. From what I've kind of gathered there are at least 2 versions of it. The GP32 and the GP2X (and XGP). I'm assuming those are different systems and should be different categories? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, what are the recommended emulators for running GP32/GP2X games without the hardware. I want to make it easy for people without the hardware to experience the games by making the recommended emulators available.

Well, sorry if I got a little longwinded. If you guys could help me identify those games, it would be a great help. Thanks!

Also, the site will be launched hopefully by the beginning of next week. But there's a lot of work and it might be a few days longer. This is one of the final steps though.
Neat idea, it would be nice to have all of the so-called "best" games on one site. Even if the games weren't uploaded to your site, you could just put links to the file archive already created. That would save on your bandwidth and you wouldn't need as much webspace.(er, whatever you wanna call it)

The only emu for either system i'm aware of is GeePee for the gp32. GP32 and GP2X games are not compatible with each other. There are ports of games from the GP32 to the newer GP2X though.

Some of my fav. for the 2X are

Beats of Rage
Kobo Deluxe

I don't have a GP32, so maybe someone else could tell you about those...

Awesome. Thanks for the list of games. And thanks for clarifying between the GP32 and GP2X. I will make sure they are seperated.

Yeah, I like the idea of uploading the games because then I can maintain the download links. I originally had it where you just enter the download URL when submitting a game. I have a lot of space and supposedly I have a lot of bandwith with this host, but it's shared hosting, so we will see. I may have to scrap that. You are able to upload screenshots though.

Thanks again,
Some Gp32 "Classics": (there are a lot more!)

- Gp Games RU Edition
- Puzzle Mix
- Beats of Rage port
- Nazca Dreams (Fenix Game)
- Nazca Runners (Fenix Game)
- Gp Blocks
- Numo
- Balloon & Balloon
- Aka Noid
- GP Final War
- etc, etc, etc...
Yeah, that's kind of my motivation for making this site. Because that problem exists with GBA homebrew too.

This site is aimed at all homebrew systems (GBA, Dreamcast, GP32, PSP, Atari2600, NES, Sega, you name it). Basically whatever type of game someone wants to add to it.

I've tried to design the site so it doesn't need a full time babysitter in order to grow. Which will help. I know how much of a pain maintaining a website can be.

Thanks for the replies so far. This will help a lot.
Yeah. Swish-It was my game.
Thanks a lot for the kind words.

Can anyone else think of more games I should add right away? The lists I've got should be good (provided I can find the games), but any more would be better.

Update on the site - Things are starting to come together now, and the site will be ready as early as this weekend and no later than midway through next week.

Hopefully it will become a good resource for the indy game dev community.