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Jan 10, 2006
Here's a link to a new website I put together for homebrew games. You can rate games and write reviews of other games.

It is a site for all homebrew systems, but as of now there are only 11 GBA games listed. It needs more GP32 and GP2X games. I got some great suggestions in an earlier post here, but was unable to get the emulator to work to grab screenshots. So I'm hoping some of you could add some GP32 games to the site using the Submit A Game tool. In order to do that you'll have to create an account, but that's a pretty simple task.

There's a link at the bottom of the homepage to submit comments/suggestions. It would be great if you guys could help me iron out any bugs you see. I tried to be thorough and get them all, but I'm fairly new to this whole web development thing.
Also use that if you are the author of a game and want me to change some detail about it, like the description (I might automate that in the future).

Just let me know if you have any problems.

I submitted all of the gp2x stuff on his site so far and I linked to the gp2x archives for downloads. I also give credit to the original developers and porters (although I could have missed something....). I hope you like them.
why do you post this in the GP32 section if you can only add GP2X games?
or can't i see gp32 games because non have been submitted yet?
yeah, there aren't any GP32 games yet, but the site is for pretty much any homebrew system there is. I'm going to continue to add games that I find. I'll get some GP32 games on there soon if someone else doesn't. I'm a little confused by the Fenix thing...

Thanks to everyone who has submitted games so far. That has really helped having more GP games on there. And they are some good looking games. I might have to get me one of those.

You can link to the site from your sites. I have no problem with that.

Anyways thanks again for your kind words and contributions.
Does engines for commercial games (PrBoom, Quake2x, RAW, etc.) or emulators count as homebrew ?

Engines ... I suppose that would be fine. It certainly counts as homebrew. I guess for the site, games created using an engine might be more aprropriate, but if you have an engine that you want to list, I don't see any harm in that.

Emulators... there's a section for Emulators (link is at the bottom). These are more for hardware emulators targetted for PCs. And I believe you are referring to emulators targetted for game systems (like an NES emulator that runs on GP32). I suppose they could be listed under Emulators, or even as a 'game' as long as the decription fits, you could even classify it under a new genre called 'emulator'. If I get a lot of these I'll break them off into their own section.
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