Gp32 Game Reviews

You can never have too many review sites, its always best if you can get a few opinions :)

I like the reviews to be short. ICBA to read long winded stuff

DanGP posted on May 12 2005 at 04:24 PM said:
Yeah I've got a 500+ as you can probably tell. :D

Me have me an Amiga 1200 :) (unoftunatley in the loft as my rooms too full up :( )

Heres some suggestions:

Put the pictures in a column to the right of the text. That will bunch up the text and make the pagelook fuller and means peeps can see the photos on page loading isntead of haveing to scroll.

Use justified alignment of the text.

Use an alt image for your title graphic incase the picture cant be displayed.

Either put alt text in the screenshot tags and put a caption (small font) under them to say what they are showing. Pick a number of screenshots you want per page and keep it the same for each page.

Consider putting the scores in a conclusion box out all together and with a conclusion, or at least make them look different to the paragraph font style, colour etc.

Maybe the navigational links would look better on a horizontal line under the site title (and it would make for more room if you did put the screenshots down the side). Obviously, when your review count increases, it aint going to be possible to put links to the games in the navigation menu so it might be best to think of a few categories for your navigation menu e.g. nes, snes, gbc homebrew and then have an alphabetical list index page for each category.

Put the navigatonal links in a table so as to make it not appear to merge into the page content. Or you could make them in a different colour and font etc.

The controls diagram is a good suggestion from other peeps posts.

Put links to reviews of the same game on other sites in each page. If peeps get to know that they can find all the reviews of a game in one place its likely that they will go to that place first B)

Hope thats ok, there only suggestions :) feel free to ignore them :lol:
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Looking around your site, I realised that your server (Presumably yours) is running php and Mysql.

You could write the review site dynamically with the ability for people to add their own reviews and add comments to present reviews!

Also you can add other dynamic contect such as a counter! One of the things I have found useful on projects I have worked on is feedback info on who has visited and what web page they were refered from.

If you're not adept at php etc, I could give you some help if you like?


P.S. Does the A500+ come with a built in hard drive interface?