Replacement Screens


Still Fresh
Mar 23, 2003
I couldnt find any where to buy a replacement screen and the anti-glare is causing scratches and it doesnt seem to be liquid based like some people seem to have because i scrub the hell out of it with all sorts of chemicals and no luck. However there is a place down the street from me that makes all sorts of small things out of plastic i had to order in bulk though so I ordered 50 replacement screens the screens fit in well they might be a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny bit thicker (if any) because the gray rim didnt want to stick back as easy as the last few times i pulled off and on but a lil spot of glue and poof back on. Anyway im stuck with all these extra replacement screens so I was thinking of just selling them for under 5 dollars (including shipping in US of course).

As far as scratch resisting its better than the regular gameboy replacement screens (ive never messed with a gba replacement screen) testing it out putting finger prints and wiping it about 30 times I notice very tiny scratches like the kind you saw on the gameboy after cleaning it several times but even less visible in fact the only time you can see the tiny scratches is when the image behind it is black.

So if anyone is interested let me know here.
you could try getting in touch with entware or liksang and asking to sell them