Recommendation For A Portable Usb Hub For Pandora?

A small hub that can be stuck to the bottom of the Pandora will probably be most practical.
So, things like those:




€40, but with ethernet

And many more...
Oh, and many usb-hubs are being sold under numerous different brands...
Who knew there were so many options? Thank you for all the information. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on a good one.

I like the one with the rotating USB ports and ethernet but it's a little pricey. I don't want one that is going to project out the back of the device; I think it needs to be attached by a cable for flexibility. That's why the Griffin SmartShare is so appealing.

I might possibly go for my original choice then I think.

I bought a USB-OTG adaptor from ebay. It's a shame nobody is selling them at a reasonable price here in the UK. You can only get them from Hong Kong.
I bought the cheapest one at while I was there. it's called "i-rocks 4 ports usb 2.0 hub". And I can't find it on the net now. Also it seems that sometimes a device (eg. a pendrive) "is not accepting it's address" (according to syslog messages) when connected through it.

Just got a load of these in work:


They're 4-port, USB 2.0, can operate unpowered or self-powered (comes with 5v mains adaptor) and they fold away into a little circle thing big enough to slip into a pocket comfortably. The reason I recommend them, though, is that you can get them for *ridiculous* prices from places like CPC and other UK suppliers - I just bought 25 at about £1.02 each, and they came in retail packaging with the power adaptor - worth it just for the power adaptor alone, I feel. Always keep one in my laptop bag now.