Pandora Needs A Hub To Use Some Usb Devices?


Mar 2, 2008
Sorry guys, I'm still really confused on all the USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, HOST, OTG, etc. talk that's been going on. I understand that I can't just plug any USB 2.0 or less device I have into the pandora and have it work (assuming that it normally works with the linux used on the Pandora)? I think from what I have ready that you need to have some kind of USB hub in between the pandora and your device to guarantee that it will work? Are there different kinds of hubs that won't or will work, or can I get just any one I want?
Aside from the fact that the hub has to be 2.0 capable, "any" should work.
If you intend to run power hungry hardware on the thing you might want to pick one thats as a option, powered by an adapter in a wall outlet. I'm mainly thinking harddrives and alike, since they could drain the Panda in a significantly shorter time then, say, a USB memory stick.
USB 2.0 High Speed devices will work without a hub. Anything else requires a USB 2.0 High Speed hub to "translate" for them - any other sort of hub won't work, as far as I'm aware.
The hub shown on this page is guaranteed to work. I kinda like it because it is quite compact and includes an ethernet port as well, but any usb high speed hub should work.
Be weary of cheap usb hubs. Many claim to be USB 2, but in fact are not and will not work with Pandora. All the hubs listed on the site in my signature have been tested and are guaranteed to work with the Pandora.