Q&a With Gamepark

Vimacs posted on Sep 18 2006 at 04:59 AM said:
The thing is that you can just swap the aa batterys when they are empty, i allways carry a extra charged pair.
I would hate it to have to wait till i get home to recharge the unit.
if it is anything like the gba or nds lite batteries it isnt hard to bring one along in their cases (they usually have a pocket for extra games and such) I have an extra battery for both my gba and nds and they come along well in thier cases. I do have to bring a small screw driver though. its really tiny so no biggie. hopefully it wont require a screw driver. it is true though that AAs are much more easier to charge/carry along but at least the xgp and mini wont have a sealed battery.
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If they opt for S3C2460 battery life should be much better than it is on the GP2X. The GP32 apparently had quite good battery life .. also using a Samsung SoC. Most reports I've seen were about 9 hours average with 2 AAs. MagicEyes' chipsets are just plain inefficient-- they even take 1.8v to operate while an S3C2460 part takes 1.5v. That's not to include the other power-hungry bits in the '2x that really shouldn't be there, like the battery-sucking scaler and TV out hardware.