Ps3 Delayed

Another aspect you can't ignore (it's way more important than whether you and I want to pick up a ps3 at launch or not) is that publishers are investing a lot of money for ps3 launch games. With mere 500k install base, they won't make money out of it. Publishers are very profit-oriented group, and this will surely leave bitter taste to the publishers.
ingrin posted on Sep 6 2006 at 08:53 PM said:
sensible GP32 posted on Sep 6 2006 at 01:19 PM said:
I was really thinking about getting a ps3 i kinda always loved backing the underdog.... yes i bought a lynx
But europe gets shafted again.

really upsets me. :( :( :(
Explain to me how Sony is an underdog again? They have owned the console business for the last two console generations in every region. They have gone on record as stating that their brand is so powerful, even if the PS3 didn't have games, they would sell the first 5 million consoles.
Don't give your console money to a brand, give it to the hardware that can deliver the gameplay you want at the price you can afford. The developers will follow. If in the next Gen the new top dog thinks they can gouge or force 'trojan horse' add-ons you don't want, dump 'em and go with the next hardware maker that steps up...
I fancy myself an Underdog as well, but I'm getting some serious schadenfreude from this...

you go girl
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