Ps3 European Launch Date Revealed


May 21, 2006
The long-awaited PlayStation 3 will finally go on sale across Europe on 23 March, and will cost 599 Euros.

The electronics giant has said that only the 60GB version of the console will be available at launch, with the 20GB model to follow later.

The next-generation console is already available in Japan and the US, where it went on sale in November last year.

The European launch was postponed after problems mass producing parts for the console's Blu-ray disc drive.

Sony has said that one million of the consoles will be made available at launch in Europe, with around a quarter of the stock landing in the UK.

Each machine will cost £425 (in the UK) or 599 Euros.

When it is released, the successor to the best-selling PlayStation 2 will compete with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii, both of which are already on sale.

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anyone know why EU has to pay the equivalent of $240 (about £120) more than are US counterparts and didnt they take nintendo to court for keeping the prices artificially high in the EU market.
ill wait for the ps three to come out ...and then send it back twice because its faulty..
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Wow, you're just getting it? It's come to the point where I'm seeing them in stores here.

They have been laying around in stores since before Christmas here. Local Walmart and Game Stores have an abundance on hand. Maybe they can ship some of these over to meet any demand. :)

I wouldn't mind having one, just don't have that kind of cash on hand. :( I guess I will stick with retro, PS2, and the Cube. *pulls out GP2X and plays*
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It doesn't matter wat the price of the thing is out here in europe cause idiots will still get their parents(if they're kids) or go and get on their selves. Don't really see it becoming the fastest selling console in europe ever because from the figures ive seen, there will be even less than the wii when it was released.
Launches at ~$900 where I live. Too little, too late. I'd think it'll be placing second this generation though, with the X360 clocking in first and the Wii a distant third (piracy will cripple its already shaky 3rd-party support, much like the Dreamcast, and it'll end up being another Gamecube).

... not possible ... you already finished the only good game for the system
And imo it's not even good, it's just overhyped. FPSes on consoles suck.
£425 isnt realy that bad considering the extras it has over the Xbox 360, Making a 360 around the same spec of a PS3 will cost £150 more than a PS3!!!...

Xbox 360 = £280
+ High Definition Drive = about £140
+ Wifi Dongle = about £60
+ 60gb Harddrive = (No price yet but if 20gb drive costs £70 Im guessing around the £100 mark)
Total of £580

So you see, PS3 works out alot Cheaper in the long run if you are planning on High Definition movies and Wifi etc ;)
Yeah, but the normal def is good enough at this point. And I would never buy a console if developpers don't really use the disc-space of a blu-ray disc. Start selling extreme graphic games or make the games a long and big as possible.]

PS3 will fail I expect
Fail? haha. Not ever. If anything is close to failing it's the 360 unfortunately. It has like 3 decent games and has been out for how long? Actually, if I'm being completely unbiased I would say the following:

This generation of consoles are shit so far. The wii has Zelda: Nothing more. The PS3 has fight night, marvel ultimate alliance, and resistance. They may not be everybody's cup of tea but the fact remains that they have ratings above 9 out of 10 in many magazines. I however, would love to see some killer titles very soon.

The only decent games for the 360 are dead rising, oblivion and gears. Anything else is mediocre at best.

Those are the facts, take them or leave them. People who diss the PS3 library thus far need to notice that Zelda is the *only* good title out atm for the wii.