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Well that IS how it's attached normally to the keymat.
Here are 2 problems I see:

  • If it doesn't fall off of the current Pandora keymat, it is likely bonded in such a way that removing it would likely ruin the keymat.
  • In the case that I could replace it, isn't it then likely that I would have a hard time, as a novice with unlikely access to stronger industrial glue, getting it to stick well? (Meaning not falling off)
-God Ginrai
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I just used a dab of Elmer's glue and it hasn't came off the iCP after more than a year of use. I don't know what garbage glue Craig was using but it was either ridiculously cheap or just poor quantity. The inside of the dpad and the keymat fit well together and lots of area for the glue to take hold.