Porting/remaking/ideas Faq


Dec 12, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Ports require source code.

What is source code?

Source code is what makes up a program. Freeware programs may or may not have this available. Commericial programs will NOT.

Example of code:

int x = 0;
for (; x < 320; x+=30) {

Code cannot just be gained intuitively. Programs generally cannot be "disassembled" into its native code, it can only be disassembled into machine code, which is NOT viable for porting something to the GP32!

Please be advised before posting a request for a port.

Places to find source code:

Sourceforge: “the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet.”

Gamehippo: I did this search of games with source code and this is the what it gave me.

Home of the underdogs: This is the Home of the Underdogs open source games section.

Games/Apps that have been asked to be ported/remade/programmed in the Past:
This section is for if people don’t know if a certain thing has been asked for in the past. This list will be updated when needed or asked. Just search on google for what program you want information on.

C-Dogs - Game
Duke Nukem 3D - Game
Quake – Game
Calculator - App
Clock – App
DDR – Game
Abuse – Game
Frozen Bubbles / Bust- a-move – Game
Slime VolleyBall – Game
Super Mario War – Game
Liero – Game
Html reader – App
PDF reader – App
Ultima 7 / Exult – Game
RF Chat program – App
Chatboard Programs – Apps
Nethack - Game

Small Reminder:

The GP32's specs are:

128MB max storage

So even if you find a game to port make sure they are around these.

I have updated Generalnmx' guide without persmission because I am fed up with the 10 or so topics about no port without sourcecode.

EDIT: Can a Mod please pin this and perhaps delete alot of those other pins? It is very important.