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Jan 2, 2007
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Hi, I'm not sure if any of you have heard of this yet or if it has already been suggested but I was wondering if porting the game, N to the GP2X. Not sure how to find source codes but I'm sure it has one. If you can't find the source code, I think a port would be really cool. Its a platforming game with a really fun physics engine! Download it at Acid-Play.
Its written in flash, theres no source code and it would be of little use for porting anyway.

There are 2 flash players for GP2X but they are both slow and buggy.

The best way to go would be to rewrite from scratch, which to someone like me isn't as hard as it sounds.
I'm pretty sure this has been discussed on here before. If it could ported, or reimplemented, it would be a cool game for the GP2X. Not sure that the resolution would be high enough though...
Anyone who decides to give rewriting a go should also look into the level format for the game. If the fan-created levels could be used, it would certainly be a boon to the GP2X version.
Hmm, I actually don't think it would be very possible anyways now since the GP2X's screen is so much smaller than a PC moniter but A simialar platforming game like that with cool physics would still be cool.
You might be able to make it more like Prince of Persia (the original 2D version) but keep the cool minimal graphics and awesome physics engine. Make the levels a little more linear instead of huge. I just lost a couple hours to that game...having it on the GP2X might make it worse. :)
if anyone would want to try and make an engine, i would like to contribute graphics. I would try to come up with a nice tileset and maybe a few sprites. I am crap at animation though, so either the npcs and player are kept as simple as they are now or someone else needs to do graphics.
Minimum requirements from the download page

° 1024x768pixel screen resolution
° fast processor: Pentium 3 ~800MHz is the general minimum. Pentium 4 equivalent or better is recommended.
° AGP video card recommended.

GP2X fails all 3 :(
^^ That's mostly because it's programmed in Flash, which made the development of the game quite easy but bloated the system requirements to massive proportions. The GP2X is quite capable of a similar game (much lower resolution, but still)