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Is there a Jezzball Version which can be ported? That would be great!
Johnny Rico said:
Is there a Jezzball Version which can be ported? That would be great!
^^ this one is working :) ^^
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grid wars 2 -> could use 3D and the two analog nubs. impresive to show pandora capabilities



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TrueCrypt has already been ported and PNDed. I've "installed" it but haven't actually tried using it yet. There are a number of other apps on this page as well:


I can confirm GQView and Circus Linux PNDs from that page both work though. :)
I've been hoping for Darkplaces Engine a modified version of the Quake engine that drives several games like Transfusion which is a Multi-player Total Conversion of Blood. I know there are a couple other games using this as their base engine just not coming to mind.

Transfusion is my best hope of playing blood multi-player on the pandora, Dosbox would most likely never get at speeds fast enough to drive Blood or any build engine game. And there doesn't seem to be any progress getting it to run on Eduke32 since the Blood source code will most likely never be released. Transfusion done a good job of at least simulating the multi-player aspects of the original game.
I'm going to request a board game be ported... http://www.keldon.net/rftg/
It is already multiplatform GTK, so it's probably just a recompile away, but I don't have time to get into pandora development right now.
It might not completly fit the resolution, but I'm sure the original dev would figure something out. In fact, colaborating with him would be awesome.
Thanks either way.