Pics From Half Life Wad On Gpdoom?

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Jan 25, 2008
the wad is illegal (i think) because the person who made it didn't ask valve's permision to use hl sprites. besides, people who want a hl port don't want a doom 2 wad...

Doomwadstation doesn't carry anything illegal I don't think. I wouldn't have posted it if it was illegal to do so. If it is, I'll personally remove it myself. Besides, it's just a re-skin, not an exact clone or port of the game. Valve would be laughing if it were though, it's not really all that graphically impressive, and as long as the author wasn't making a proffit off it, Valve wouldn't mind.

halflife didn't use sprites.....
nice find dude!

Thanks. It wasn't all that hard to find, people just have to look. Now I just hope most of the requests for Half-Life stop for the time being.
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