GPDoom Dehacked Support !!!!


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Oct 15, 2003
i'm french sorry for my bad english

Ok i have tested some wad an TC :)
i'm doom fan. hum HACX works perfectly it's great !!!
but i think that it will be good to include Dehacked Support for the futur version of GPDoom. Many extra wad are working with dehacked.
hum.. i'm thinking to Twilight Warrior wad, humm a counter strike wad so cool
and Final Fantasy wad... a wad so cool too.
This wad are working but sprites ware not supported because Dehacked is not supported by th e actually GP Doom V9 :)

links for you : : Download HACX !! ( Commercial Doom2 required.. hum .. possible not :) ) : Final fantasy.. works but sprites are doom sprites.. With a futur dehacked support it will be good !!!

i've just been playing your ff3 conversion for the cool..thanks for that..
i have no coding skill...but would like to know if i need it to convert graphic contated wad's like that one....(big south park fan..i hear they are a few wad's about contaning sp graphic's)

maybee you should write a tutorial on how you did this...
for the rest of you...get over to and dl ff3doom.wad...
the best thing i've played on my gp32 for a while.
hi, are you converting old doom wads to work with gp32 ?

if so - i'd like to request the HUGE starwars2 which works with Doom 2

Ok Magic, i know StarWars DOOM Version 5.0 works great on GP32.
Find the good wad you must !
dude, stardoom 5.0 is great.... works real well with doom1 on the gp

but the *HUGE* star wars compile wad for Doom2 is second to none, it's partly compiled from the complete Stardoom but chucks in another 5 levels and some other bits

anyway just a request - keep up the good work
Dehacked support would be nice
The amiga doom port "Adoom" supported loading deh files at startup and source is avalible ;)