Quake Doom Wad Doesnt Show Howcome?


Internal Development
Mar 4, 2004
I downloaded the quake wad from the drumaster site, put it on my card in game/doom but when I go into doom it won't show in the extra wad section. I have doomII selected as game and the extra wad section shows the starwars wad(which resets my gp32 when loaded) and the halflife wad which works, but no quake even though it is in the same dir as the rest WTF?
well the quake worked fine for me but im pretty sure the problem with starwars is that it is a doom 1 mod not doom 2
Well yes Star Wars pwad is only for Doom 1 and I assure you Quake works very fine. :D
So there is a problem I think : have you the version 9 of GpDoom.
I think you have so it's not normal.

If you put my pwads into GP://GAME//DOOM I don't understant why it doesn't work because I've tested my pwad a lot of times :D
Well maybe the problem is that the DoomII game isn't really DoomII. I bought this GP32 from ebay and it was installed on the card. The thing is when I actually play "doomII" I get the western game. Half life worked that way though so I am not sure why quake won't. I don't have a copy of the "real" doomII.