1080p video on my Pyra runs slowly and gets out of sync with the audio immediately.

Yeah without all of the HW scaling working fully yet and the lack of HW decoding as it needs to be worked on, this is what to expect.

you can sort of improve it by using smplayer, ensure to use the mplayer engine instead of MPV and turning up the amount of threads to use decode h264 to 4. XVID encoded videos perform a ton better, but those are rare to find now a days.

It's possible the video decoder from a similar Ti SoC may work as there are some that are pretty close in design to the OMAP5, just one of those things that needs to be worked on and no one seems to have the time and energy to get working on.
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I made a new thread so as not to clutter Wally's.

i use squashfs on my raspberry pi and i save about a third. doesn't seem like much, but i think of it as 50% more games. it could well be that some games compress and some don't at all. more games = more happiness.

and i did spend some time experimenting with speed / size tradeoffs, and found lzo compression with a block size of 262144 to be a good balance. you could do better if you sacrifice speed. not sure at which point you'll start noticing lag but if it's just while the game is loading that might be acceptable.

i have to say i absolute love zfs. cool cool features and it's the easiest filesystem to administer i have ever witnessed. it should pyra's default root fs.

Try using CHD for compressing PS1 games, i added support for it in PCSX, works rather well and can compress games lossless up to 50% in size.
Does anyone know if double resolution option works with this version?

And what about the opengl plugin. It was too buggy (blame the 3d driver) in pandora to be usable. I would love having nicer psx graphics in Pyra.
Well, this build is whitout OpenGL and SDL, so everything depends on our pure hardwarepower of 2 x 1,4 ghz,
im also wonder how playable the Pandora Version where whitout the GLES, as this was just 700 mhz,
So i would assume if Wally finds the Time to implement OpenGL and if the SDL was matured enough, so scalling dont need Hardware Power anymore, i would assume whe get HD Patches, Double Resolution, Rumble, etc.. (and the right NUB)..
Remember, the left nub isn't working right either, it's just acting as a copy of the dpad.
I wonder: Is the Emulator matured enough to serously start some games? Something like Final Fantasy 7 ?
The last weeks i just watched to many youtube, and played to less on the Pyra..
Today I had a strange issue: I wanted to give street fighter 2 another try to get it to run, but it’s freezed the whole system, then I shutdown the Pyra, and after the restart the nubs didn’t work in Debian until I started a game in pcsxrearmed and closed the Emulator properly..
Came here to report that it doesnt write anything, memory cards,save states, config, but see that this is known. Is this the case for all dbp's?

Colin mcrea rally runs fine :)
Sometimes, the SD Cards got a copy protection, this is the reason why I put the allready existing systems on my right SD Card (400gb Pyra2) and on this way I also put the games in order .. instead of my old system whit everything on one folder per System..
i think when everything is copy over to this card, I will make a official Linux File System on this Card so it’s hopefully don’t make any issues again
Hey, dumb question here ... how do you maximize the window? (dreaming of full screen too)
Just click on the maximise Symbol on the right upper corner, allthough this Port isnt supportet anymore as Duckstation got much better results (and got dual Nub support (and even Vibrator if i remember correctly)
Yeah, I am dumb. Lost for a second because the nub wasnt moving the pointer ... Pyra has a touchscreen. Still getting used to this thing.
I was tryinng out PCSX because I remembered it was amazing on the Pandora and ran everything full speed at double res.
Duckstation is also broken at the moment (though likely fixed soonish?)
Dont worry, its also a Emulator which is worth trying out when you dont need the second nub, its works also quite good, and i heard some Isos which are not proper dumbed (cracked) work on PCSXReamed but not on Duckstation.. ..

There are allready lots of System which got multiple Emulators on the Pyra, like GBA (Mgba, GBA.Emu, or SNES (PSNES, SNES9X, ZSNES, Retroarch)