PCSX ReARMed problem


Nov 15, 2012
Hi there, just got my Pandora an hour or so ago, and I'm trying to use PCSX ReARMed. It boots up fine, and tells me to get a BIOS.

I quit the application, and move my SCPH1001.BIN file to the correct directory (appdata/pcsxblah/bios/) and when I re-boot PCSX up, no buttons work anymore except Enter.

I can just go in to the Load CD image menu, then after that, the only other thing that works is ESC to back out.

If I'm in Full Desktop mode, I have to do a forced reboot (Pandora button and Power switch) to exit it, as holding the pandora button does nothing.

In MiniMenu I can press the Pandora button to quit the emulator.

If I delete the BIOS and appdata folder, it starts up fine and works again.

Please help someone? :(
Wow, thanks very much Notaz for the super quick reply! :)

I downloaded it from the Repo 3 days ago in preperation for when my Pandora got here.

The version you linked works perfecty now though. Thank you very much.