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Jan 31, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
PCSX ReARMed is the great emulator by notaz who worked extremely hard on the Pandora to make it what it is today.

The build works well but:

1. It uses SDL 1.2 for rendering which only works windowed (Will go maximised) and not hardware accelerated. It still works reasonably well!
2. the .pcsx folder is invisible in the appdata folder, will fix this later.
2. Right nub doesn't work
Controls are mapped as expected on PS1.

I have also added CHD support for maximum space saving! (Stolen from libretro, will make a PR for Notaz)

Get it here:
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Cool will try it later ^^ Also if this works on my Pyra, maybe something is wrong whit muppen..
I didn’t had the time to type your last command in my terminal, because whe are now around 6 in the morning in Germany..

Edit : ok, PlayStation works for me ^^
Cool so today might be a PlayStation Video in my plan
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As this is the same emulator as on the Pandora, do I only have to copy the files from the Memory Cards over to its Appdata on the Pyra SD?
And the memory card folder is not visible yet , but this was something you meantioned in the start post..
but I allready try’d some games, even Ace Combat which is now finally playable whit 4 shoulderbuttons, also Colin Mc Rae Rally 2, Ergeiz , etc
Seems like it’s runs quite good, good enough for me..
The only Game which ditnt work is F1 2001, but this also ditnt work on the Pandora..
Ok now it works, and I even have my old savestates ^^
Will make a Video later ^^
What’s next? Gameboy?

Fun Fact: at first I didn’t wanted PlayStation on the Pandora because I thought they will use to much space on my SD Cards, but whit the time it was one of my favorite Emulator, there a a lot of cool Games on this System..
This might be a good idea, but this was on my first times on the Pandora,
Today I don’t care anymore, I have maybe all the Games I want on my Pyra Rom Card and still 38 GB left.. and the other Card for packages and Documents is a 400 gb Card ..

Im now even put my Pandora Drastic Savestates to the Pyra Drastic
Maybe this was a good idea..
I don’t noticed that the nub ditnt work, but now I’m remember that you can look around your jet in ace combat whit the right nub, I just used the left nub ,..
I wonder how many off my PSX Games need really the Right Nub,
The games I showed worked good whitout, but the last time I played PSX was quite long ago on the Pandora.. most of them Shoot em Ups and Prügelspiele. ..
dit someone allready test how much battery the PlayStation Emulator needs?
I played this afternoon no Pyra, but Gameboy ^^

Edit: and seems like I have to get used to the Handheld ing for the whole control
The right and left nub don't work correctly. Right nub does nothing, and left nub appears to be mapped to dpad.
I made the Video in the small Window Mode, seems like I ditnt understood the „Will go maximize „ so it was maybe too small..
maybe when the next updates brought the right nub, I might make another one ^^
The right and left nub don't work correctly. Right nub does nothing, and left nub appears to be mapped to dpad.
well the original PS1 controller only had a dpad and the four buttons.dpad was on the left.
ps1 controller.jpg
Yes but the dualshock controller was first released during the lifespan of the PS1. That added two independent joysticks to the space between the handles (that also had rumble motors added inside them in the dualshock). Now there's a bit of complexity with the dualshock, there's an 'analog' button you need to press to use the joysticks normally. I'm not sure what happens if this button is not pressed, and my recollection is that certain later games enabled it at bootup. Maybe that's the problem though, if silent-hunter is playing a game that's not designed for dualshock, perhaps the left joycon on a dualshock would operate the d-pad. I don't know what the analog button is mapped to on Pyra.
I was trying to play Ape Escape, which needs both analog sticks. I also did set the "Player 1" controller to analog.