Pcsx Rearmed On Pandaboard


Jan 21, 2006
Hi notaz and those interested in ARM emulation stuff!

TI recently released their updated SGX xorg drivers for Ubuntu 12.04 (armhf) on the Pandaboard and so I went on the hunt for apps that may be able to make good use of the Open GL ES 2 and NEON features of my Pandaboard. As far as emus are concerned, it would seem that PCSX rearmed is one of the best I might hope to get running on my Panda but I'm having probs in getting it running.

I have downloaded the latest git code and I can get it to compile if I configure it with --enable-neon and then I edit config.mak and change softfp to hard for the -mfloat-abi options but when I try to run strider2.bin for example I get:

0x53e05 has LSB set (hundreds of times over)
Loading memory card ./.pcsx/memcards/card1.mcd
Loading memory card ./.pcsx/memcards/card2.mcd
filter opendir: No such file or directory
frontend/common/readpng.c: failed to open: /home/dan/src/pcsx_rearmed/skin/font.png
frontend/common/readpng.c: failed to open: /home/dan/src/pcsx_rearmed/skin/selector.png
menu_load_config: failed to open: ./.pcsx/pcsx.cfg
frontend/common/readpng.c: failed to open: /home/dan/src/pcsx_rearmed/skin/background.png
plugin: plugins/builtin_gpu
plugin: plugins/builtin_spu
plugin: plugins/builtin_pad
plugin: plugins/builtin_pad
Plugins loaded.
Loaded CD Image: /home/dan/src/pcsx_rearmed/../../psx/strider2.bin[+toc].
Track 01 (DATA) - Start 00:02:00, Length 43:23:31
Home directory /home/dan not ours.
Audio open error: Invalid argument
0x59bcd has LSB set (again, hundreds of times)
-> 0x0 1.3
sudo: /usr/pandora/scripts/op_lcdrate.sh: command not found
Illegal instruction (core dumped)

So it looks to me like if you compile with NEON support enabled atm it presumes you are running on Pandora hence depends upon certain Pandora specific scripts. If I copy the required scripts to the correct locations may I get pcsx rearmed to work or could you potentially make a few changes to the codebase so that Pandaboard users can run PCSX reARMed too please notaz?


I have tried pcsxr from the Ubuntu Precise repos and that does work but its slow as hell - maybe quarter speed and thats when I enable the 'performance' CPU governor.

I have not tried any OGLES video plugins with pcsxr - I don't even know if there are any that might work for Pandaboard users?

AFAIK pcsxr won't have any of the ARM specific optimizations present in pcsx rearmed and I know my Panda can do much better as I also have a Xperia Play and I get (very close to) full speed PSX emulation on that via FPse and the Xperia only has a single core CPU for a start.
Orion4874 said:
I would post this question on the OP boards, http://boards.openpandora.org/ I havn't seen notaz around here lately but he's pretty active over there.

OK - thanks Orion, will do!
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