slightly off topic but this was the controller i used mostly on the PS1... brilliant for GT2 .
this brought me to the idea of just creating a bios folder in my appdata from the Emulator, but unfortunaly its ditnt work ;(
Well, whit the HLE everything works but Death or Alive (where i also have a newer version on 3DS, and Street Fighter 2 (also on 3DS) ..)
Its not that awefull
I don’t have this Controller, but I assume it’s for steering in racinggames..
i only have the PlayStation 2 which also plays PlayStation 1 Games, but my DualShock 2 is now quite sticky on the nubs :(
Why does it have a seam in the middle?
yes it has analog steering by twisting. the two red buttons were also analog for brakes and acceleration... takes a bit of getting used to but after many hundreds of hours on GT2 i got the hang of it. i liken the twist action to turning handelbars on a bike....
Fun Fact: at first I didn’t wanted PlayStation on the Pandora because I thought they will use to much space on my SD Cards, but whit the time it was one of my favorite Emulator, there a a lot of cool Games on this System..
this is why i am interested in a compressed filesystem eg zfs.

ps1 totally wowed me when i first started playing it on retropi. especially one game...

I wonder, where to put the bios file? ,
i'm sure you've figured it out by now, but what i would do is run psxe (or whatever the binary is called) with strace, which prints all the system calls, like i/o stuff. you can then grep for "open" to see which files it is trying to open. maybe "stat" too which could be used to test for the existence of a file.

eg: strace ./psxe 2>&1 | egrep 'open|stat'

actually if you know the filename but not the path, it's even easier:

strace ./psxe 2>&1 | grep -i scph1001.bin

pyra ist geil
I don't know how well a PS1 rip will compress. I could never get my Gamecube rips to compress more than about 2% using the latest and greatest. I got far better ratios when I actually decrypted the iso by firing it through wbfs. I've not actually tried compressing those yet as far as I remember. I'd guess PS1 discs are less likely to be encrypted though, since they're markedly earlier.
i use squashfs on my raspberry pi and i save about a third. doesn't seem like much, but i think of it as 50% more games. it could well be that some games compress and some don't at all. more games = more happiness.

and i did spend some time experimenting with speed / size tradeoffs, and found lzo compression with a block size of 262144 to be a good balance. you could do better if you sacrifice speed. not sure at which point you'll start noticing lag but if it's just while the game is loading that might be acceptable.

i have to say i absolute love zfs. cool cool features and it's the easiest filesystem to administer i have ever witnessed. it should pyra's default root fs.
Im quite fascinated that you over read my therm „in the beginning of the Pandora „
My PlayStation Folder is quite big now, and I don’t care as I still have about 40 gb left on I my 128 gb Rom SD Card, and if everything gets to worse, I could just copy it over to the 400 gb Pyra Data, and Packages SD Card in the second slot..
At least, the Pyra Software dont need to load up "4k Patches" like on the XBOX ONEX, 100 gb for GTA5, so instead of : Buy the Game, unbox, put in in your XBOX and enjoy, it was "Buy the Game, unbox, put in in your XBOX and then wait several hours"..