Pc Gaming And Ps3 Pricing And The Sad Prediction


Mar 28, 2006
PC gaming used to be mainstream many many years ago which I can't even remember. Ever since 80% of the games became FPS and the others became starcraft rip-offs, it started to alienate more and more. They thought $500 graphics card with the latest DirectX would save their ass, but it just further alienated regular joes. How many average consumers can afford $500 graphics card, or even care about it while you can buy a whole decent PC for less than that? Sure, there are hardcore fans making all kinds of noise supporting the idea, but until they break out of this nasty loop, I don't see a bright future for PC gaming.

And, PS3 and X360 are virtually trying to copy the PC model, and especially with $600 pricetag, Sony seem to set their goal on making the next Alienware PC. Don't you think it's Sony, rather than Nintendo, that is walking away from mainstream gamers? Some people use inflation as an excuse for the pricetag, but how many got the 100+% raise working on the exact same job since 80s?

Don't get me wrong. I love my PS2 and the games that I play on it everyday, and I'm getting a PS3 on the launch date. However, I'm concerned that Sony is making a huge mistake and console gaming with just Nintendo and Microsoft will suck big time...
the gfx card makers dont give a shit


beacuse they supply the gfx chips for both pcs and consoles

money talks and bullshit walks
Nintendo owned the world back then. Nobody ever heard of Sony and Microsoft in the console world. Nintendo is the only one left and still has the best games arround.
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NoidZ posted on May 28 2006 at 09:45 AM said:
Nintendo is the only one left and still has the best games arround.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

No really, If I have to choose between Project Gotham, Grand Turismo or Mario Kart, I go for Mario Kart
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Dude double dash is the bomb! I wish I could shoot shit in other racing games, like when someone passes me in NFS-UG2 I want to shoot a turtle shell at their ricer ass!
Anyways, you don't need to spend that much on a pc to have it be able to play games. I've had a computer for 4 years and it plays all the new games, the only thing is that I might have to set the graphics lower. It's still better than what you'd get on a regular tv screen.

I don't get your pc model thing, because they don't come w/ os that I can type paper for class on, and if they were based off of PC then you could easily switch parts and upgrade them. Maybe the N64 has a PC model because you could upgrade the video card :lol: I love my N64.
This is the way I see it (In the order of awesomeness)

Consoles Want to be PC with only better graphics and online
-------------| ---------------------------
Wii............| 1.PC
................| 2.PS3
................| 3.xbox 360

Portables Multimedia and homebrew
DS...........| 1.Gp2x
...............| 2.PSP

Halfass emulation of something else that you cannot beat will mean you are screwed.

If I wanted online play and graphics, I'd buy a PC, period.
If I want a fun console (console and PC gaming are completely different) I'd get a Wii.

If I wanted multimedia support and homebrew/roms, I'd get a Gp2x
If I wanted a console with unique fun-to-play games, I'd get a DS.