Partial Game Release List And Gp2X F-300 Announced

shinneri said:
So how would two 2450 mah rechargeable AAs (the rating of my GP2X's rechargeable batteries) compare to this 1400 mah battery? Is it as simple as it appears, that two 2450 mah rechargeables are far better than this internal battery, or is it more complicated than that?

The F300 has 5.18 watt hours.
Two 2450mAh NiMHs has 5.88 watt hours.

In other words the F300's Battery is like two 2160mAh NiMH AAs. :(

Lithium don't have much of an advantage over NiMH size wise. Lithium batteries are lighter and charge faster.
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Yes - the F300 will NOT come out.
It has been cancelled as the preordering of the distributors were way too low and GPH isn't fond of the DPAD.

So if you want a WIZ, buy a WIZ.