Release pandrpcemu beta (Acorn RISC-PC)

This is awesome! I wrote lots of programs in BBC Basic (and a bit of ARM) when I was a kid, should still have them somewhere... I will be playing about with this, see if it can run Sibelius 7 and some other classics :)
Looks great,  the OS boots fine and I had Zarch mounted but no sound and the zarch image is only 1/4 screen, I can't for the life of me get to the emulator menu (Ctrl End??)  Any help?
Hi, I'm back to my pandora after months of being without due it being broken. One of the things I was trying to do before, (and also now) was to get Arcelite, in my opinion the 2nd best version of Elite running full screen with sound, on the Pandora, the best is OOLITE, but I don't know if it would be viable to run it with installing full(ish) Linux on the pandora, and I've noo idea where or who to start on that. I've managed to run Arcelite on the Arcem emulator, running in an tiny window, with no sound, the only way I managed to get that running was because it was baby step guided withi the GUI on where and how to add the adf. I've got PandPCemu on my pandora which is about as much as my knowledge on this system goes :( I'm asking for help in how to install Arcem on Pandrpcemu please! Hideki mentioned on the Pandelite forum that it could be done, I've trawled the forums, and am generally competent, but for some reason this system (and amiga's) are a car crash to my brains, so any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated
There are versions of Arcelite that run fine on a real RiscPC with a StrongARM CPU (though I don't know if the version of Ian Bell's site was updated to StrongARM). You might need to downgrade the OS to RISC OS 3.7 in this though, dunno if the public versions of ArcElite run on RO5.
Hi Levi, thanks for the swift reply, its the RISC OS swapping and installing etc that i just cant get to grips with. No matter what i read i cant understand how to "mount" the OS and the hard drive images. i can sort my way through DOSBOX ms-dos with no problems, but i think because ive worked more on new and old windows rather than mac/linux etc, its just not sinking in. if i could just get some hints on how to work with RISC OS that would be great, ill mostprobably be insulting loads of people by saying this, but all i want to do is play ARCELITE on it, so i just need a guide to do that one simple task,  waste of an OS i agree but ive tried for so long on how to do it and failed :(  
Heh, no problem. Despite using RISC OS for too many years than I care to mention, Arcelite is such an immense game that I can think of little better reason to use it.

I've not actually emulated RISC OS on my Pandora, and stuff like swapping OSes about and disc images is specific to the emulator, and not a RISC OS thing, so I may not be able to help you much. RISC OS is a simple ROM-based OS though, like the old 8-bit and 16-bit systems, if that's any help, although versions from 3.5 on have a !Boot app on the disc which can be OS-version specific, but hopefully the most recent versions will work all the way back to 3.5.

In terms of getting ArcEm working on RISC OS, I assume you've downloaded 1.50 from

That gives you a zip which appears to be some new packaging format I'm not familar with, but if you just want to pull ArcEm out of it it's there in Apps/Misc/!ArcEm.  I'd suggest you unpack it on RISC OS rather than Linux though, as RISC OS files have intrinsic filetypes which will need to be right if the app is to work.  Hopefully SparkPlug can unpack ZIP files, but if not you can pick up the InfoZip binaries from Ms Bazely's site.  Note you'll need Sparkplug to unpack the infozip archive though, so you'll need that either way.

Hopefully that's enough to get you started.  If you've any more questions, especially about the RISC OS side of things don't hesitate to post here.
Ah, PackMan is that weird new packaging system I mentioned - didn't realise it has migrated to OS level these days.  If so, it might be in the disc image included in this emulator, I've not checked.  That would make it quicker to install ArcEm if !PackMan is already installed, in Apps say.
thats fantastic guys! with that info i should be on my way to Arcem and More! thanks so much for your help  :D
ive tried using a different OS 3.60 which is the one i managed to cajole from a friend, it runs okay, well as much as i know what to fo with it, but i cant load any floppies as they just dont appear, ive gone through the settings but theres no options i can see or change to help me with this :( Hideki mentioned he had it running in 3.6 .... is there a setting or something i nee to add to make the floppies viewable etc, ive placed the pandora config as stated and have uniboot installed but dont know if theres anything more i should be doing
According to the OP, the emulator menu (accessible through Ctrl+B ) allows you to mount floppies.  I've not tried it yet though.
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