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All of you, who follow the OpenPandora project, know the first few Pandora’s were shipped. Another bunch of Pandora’s are assembled while you read this small article.

While the Pandora’s are on the way to their new homes, here is a small list of games, which can be considered “Launch Titles”.

The list is an almost perfect time line, whereas the first titles mentioned are very fresh releases. The further it goes to the bottom, the older the ports are.

There were numerous people involved in these plenty ports, so please hail them accordingly. Give them feedback, tell them how much you love them! This will be giving good karma and hopefully motivates these chaps for more excellent work!

Most games should be available via

And now here comes the list! - Yippa!
HHexen (23-05-2010) (Pandora Game Port)

Hacked Hexen is an Open Source Hexen engine based on K.Robillard's Linux Hexen engine. Hexen is a first person shooter, commercially published by id Software 1996 and developed by Raven Software.


Community Codec Package (Pandora Application Port)

The Community Codec Package will install Gnome-MPlayer as well as a lot of audio / video-plugins and enables NTFS-support. Due to licensing issues, the Pandora does not have any licensed codecs like MP3 or MPEG-Video installed on the default OS.


Hexen II – Hammer of Thyrion v1.4.4 (Pandora Game Port)

The Hammer of Thyrion project is a cross-platform source port, to bring Hexen II to various platforms. Hexen II is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Raven Software from 1996 to 1997, published by id Software and distributed by Activision. It was the third game in the Hexen / Heretic series, and the last in the Serpent Riders trilogy.


IOquake2 (22-05-2010) (Pandora Game Port)

IOquake2 is an engine to play Quake 2. It uses NanoGL and SW SDL for rendering.


IOquake3 (22-05-2010) (Pandora Game Port)

IOquake3 is an engine to play Quake III.


Hatari v1.3.1PND (Atari ST emulator for Pandora)

Hatari is a very good emulator for ST and related machines (TT030, Falcon, etc, though ST support is its focus.) This is a full port of the emu, including hard drive support, etc.


Pandora Hotfix Pack I (Pandora OS Update)

Just after the Pandora dev team started shipping the first Pandoras, they found out that some Python packages had gone missing in the OS - and that the kernel had one bug.

The problems are fixed and you are highly advised to install the HotFix package when you receive your Pandora.

HHeretic v0.2.1 (Pandora Game Port)

HHeretic is a faithful source port of the original Heretic game by Raven Software.


Kronos (Alpha) (Pandora misc)

Kronos is a Magnetic Scrolls, Infocom / ZMachine and Scott Adams Interpreter.

Currently supported are Magnetic Scrolls games, though Infocom and Scott Adams (and others) will be supported soon.

Currently features are limited (you can play the games, save, etc, but nothing fancy), but will be adding automapper, touchscreen support for word picking, and other conveniences.


Snes9x4D4P (21-05-2010) (SNES emulator for Pandora)

Snes9x4D4P is a port of Dingoo SNES9x to Pandora. This is probably a shoddy port, but it runs Killer Instinct, Yoshi's Island, etc, at full speed.


DOSBox v0.74 (DOS emulator for Pandora)

Play DOS games on your Pandora!


Gianas Return v0.99.7

Giana's Return aims to be a worthy UNOFFICIAL sequel of the alltime classic "The Great Giana Sisters".

* Power Ups and Extras
* Oldschool style pixeled sprites and tiles
* Wonderful hand drawn backgrounds
* Illustrated hand drawn storyline
* Over 18 Tracks of finest chip music!
* Multi-Language: German, English, French, Spanish
* Password and/or save game (depending on release platform)
* Hidden Warp Zones and Bonus Caves
* Hidden Trainer
* TOP 10 Highscore


CGenius v0.3.2.1 (12-05-2010) (Pandora misc)

Commander Genius aka CloneKeenPlus is an engine which interprets Commander Keen 1-3 (Vorticons Series).


Pandora Panic (Release 1) (Pandora Games)

PandoraPanic is a mini-game compilation, which is a collaborative project from the GP32X and OpenPandora communities.


Narcissu (11-05-2010) (Pandora misc)

Narcissu is a free visual novel by the dojin group stage-nana, telling the story of a terminally ill young man and woman.


Battle for Wesnoth v1.6.4 (Pandora Game Port)

The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.

Build up a great army, gradually turning raw recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host against whom none can stand! Choose units from a large pool of specialists, and hand-pick a force with the right strengths to fight well on different terrains against all manner of opposition.


Openglad v0.98 (Pandora Game Port)

Openglad is an SDL port of an old DOS game called Gladiator, which was developed by FSGames in the mid 90's. It is a top-down gauntlet-style RPG in which you hire team mates, go on missions, and improve your team with the spoils you reap. It can be played by up to 4 players (using split-screen), and features many classes, special abilities, and a scenario editor.


Eat The Whistle v3.6 (Pandora Game Port)

Eat The Whistle is an OpenSource soccer game originally developed by Hurricane Studios as commercial product for the Amiga platform.


OpenJazz (SVN) (09-05-2010) (Pandora misc)

OpenJazz is a free, open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit games. OpenJazz can be compiled on a wide range of operating systems. To play, you will need the files from one of the original games.


Stella v3.1.2 (A2600 emulator for Pandora)

Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Wolf4SDL (06-05-2009) (Pandora Game Port)

Wolf4SDL (Wolfenstein 3D SDL Port) is an engine port, which can be used to play Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolf4SDL Spears of Destiny (06-05-2009) (Pandora Game Port)

Wolf4SDL (Wolfenstein 3D SDL Port) is an engine port, which can be used to play Wolfenstein 3D. This pack supports "Spears of Destiny".

BattleJewels (29-03-2010) (Pandora Game)

BattleJewels is a Puzzle-Action-RPG. Plays like popular jewel games, but is played head to head against a never-ending sequence of enemies. Experience points are gained towards levelling up, and gear may be purchased, and skills and spells may be learned.


Angry Drunken Dwarfs (17-03-2010) (Pandora Game Port)

In Angry, Drunken Dwarves, you are an angry, drunken dwarf. Why are you so angry? Who knows. But you've decided to take your aggression out on other dwarves, by dropping gems on their heads. Lots of gems. ADD is a member of the classic "falling blocks" puzzle game family, similar to the Capcom game Puzzle Fighter. The goal of the game is to build large gems by matching up colors, then break them, raining more gems down onto your opponent. The first person whose field fills up, loses.


C-Dogs (17-03-2010) (Pandora Game Port)

C-Dogs is an arcade shoot-em-up which lets players work alone and cooperatively during missions or fight against each other in the “dogfight” deathmatch mode. The original DOS version of C-Dogs came with several built in missions and dogfight maps. This version does too.


Free Heroes 2 (17-03-2010) (Pandora misc Port)

The Free Heroes II project (FHeroes 2) aim to create a free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II engine using SDL.


Vice (C64 emulator for Pandora)

A C64 Emulator for your Pandora, based on Vice!


Vice Misc (25-03-2010) (Multiple emus for Pandora)

Emulators for CBM2, C128, PET, Plus4 and the VIC.


Rise of the Triad (24-05-2009) (Pandora Game Port)

Rise of the Triad: Dark War (abbreviated as ROTT) is a first-person shooter video game that was first released on February 17, 1995 and developed by Apogee Software (now known as 3D Realms).


xMAME v0.106 (Arcade emulator for Pandora)

xMAME is the X11/Unix port of MAME. MAME is the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, an arcade (coin-op) video game emulator.

Tecnoballz v0.1 (Pandora Game Port)

Tecnoballz is an exciting Brick Breaker with 50 levels of game and 11 special levels, distributed on the 2 modes of game to give the player a sophisticated system of attack weapons with an enormous power of fire that can be build by gaining bonuses. Numerous decors, musics and sounds complete this great game.


Psms v0.1 (SMS emulator for Pandora)

Psms emulates a Sega Master system on the Pandora. The GUI is not funky, but the emu is useable.

Patari v0.1 (A5200 emulator for Pandora)

Patari is an Atari 5200 emulator for Pandora.

SIMH v3.8 (Multiple emulators for Pandora)

SIMH emulates a bunch of old hardware, all command line based.

SIMH implements simulators for:
* Data General Nova, Eclipse
* Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1, PDP-4, PDP-7, PDP-8, PDP-9, PDP-10, PDP-11, PDP-15, VAX
* GRI Corporation GRI-909, GRI-99
* IBM 1401, 1620, 1130, 7090/7094, System 3
* Interdata (Perkin-Elmer) 16b and 32b systems
* Hewlett-Packard 2114, 2115, 2116, 2100, 21MX, 1000
* Honeywell H316/H516
* MITS Altair 8800, with both 8080 and Z80
* Royal-Mcbee LGP-30, LGP-21
* Scientific Data Systems SDS 940

Fuse v0.9.0 (Spectrum emu for Pandora)

Fuse is a ZX Spectrum emulator.

Frotz v2.43 (Z-Machine Interpretor for Pandora)

Frotz can run old Infocom textadventure games like Zork.</br>
I can't wait to try them out tomorrow when my pandora arrives. I think I'll start with the FPS games to see what they look like then I'll probably check the ST emu and the C64 emu. OOOOooo it's all exciting. Can't wait for the UPS guys to turn up tomorrow :)
puppydee said:
I can't wait to try them out tomorrow when my pandora arrives. I think I'll start with the FPS games to see what they look like then I'll probably check the ST emu and the C64 emu. OOOOooo it's all exciting. Can't wait for the UPS guys to turn up tomorrow :)
lucky s.o.b Im in the late 3000,s. :(
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wrath of khan said:
Is UAE4all amiga emu also released.?
Not yet, pickles still got to work the controls out but there's another emu that is pretty much ready to go so pickle say's. I'm waiting for the amiga emu to but it'll be around soon :)
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puppydee said:
wrath of khan said:
Is UAE4all amiga emu also released.?
Not yet, pickles still got to work the controls out but there's another emu that is pretty much ready to go so pickle say's. I'm waiting for the amiga emu to but it'll be around soon :)
Cool thanks.Amiga emulation will be top
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Wow, thats already alot of stuff to play with :)
I'm a huge fan of Super Puzzle Fighter so I'm happy that we already have a version of this game type in the form of "Angry Drunken Dwarfs"

If updates of each programm happen here and there, will this be announced here too? For example, I see, the Wesnoth Port is still based on the old v1.6.4. Onto the PC there already is v1.8.1 with alot of new features and updated graphics.
puppydee said:
wrath of khan said:
Is UAE4all amiga emu also released.?
Not yet, pickles still got to work the controls out but there's another emu that is pretty much ready to go so pickle say's. I'm waiting for the amiga emu to but it'll be around soon :)

Here are the beta versions from a while back, might hold you over till i get things wrapped up
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Where should I put my hails? Here?

Hail to the Pickle. May luck and fortune be with you. You are now my most favourite dev, because Mythtv, Pirates and UAE is everything I need for true happiness. And of course Pickles are tasty.
Hah, that's the very version of xmame that I use on my main computer. :lol: (I'm afraid I don't know of a list, though - sorry.)
Isn't there a switch you can run xmame with that will dump an XML file with all supported rom info?

One of the -l switches described at might give you want you need.
sverm, you are brilliant. I didn't find anything to dump an XML file, but I did find a command to provide a list of all supported games for that version in the terminal window. I've included it below, in spoiler tags because it is *huge*.

xmame currently supports:
puckman puckmana puckmanf puckmanh pacman pacmanf puckmod pacmod
newpuc2 newpuc2b newpuckx pacheart hangly hangly2 hangly3 piranhah
abscam crush crush2 crush3 crush4 maketrax maketrxb korosuke
mbrush paintrlr pacplus joyman ctrpllrp eyes eyes2 eyeszac
mrtnt gorkans eggor jumpshot jumpshtp shootbul piranha piranhao
nmouse nmouseb mspacman mspacmnf mspacmat woodpek woodpeka mspacmab
mspacmbe pacgal mspacpls ponpoko ponpokov lizwiz alibaba dremshpr
vanvan vanvank vanvanb bwcasino acitya theglobp sprglobp sprglbpg
beastf rocktrv2 bigbucks mschamp drivfrcp 8bpm porky pengo
pengo2 pengo2u pengo3u pengo4 pengob penta jrpacmbl jrpacman
megadon catapult suprglob theglob theglob2 theglob3 igmo dealer
revenger galaxian galaxiaj galmidw galmidwo superg galapx moonaln
galap1 galap4 galturbo swarm zerotime starfght tst_galx gmgalax
pisces piscesb omni uniwars gteikoku gteikokb gteikob2 spacbatt
skyraidr batman2 warofbug redufo exodus streakng pacmanbl devilfsg
zigzag zigzag2 jumpbug jumpbugb levers azurian orbitron mooncrgx
mooncrst mooncrsu mooncrsa mooncrsg smooncrs mooncrsb mooncrs2 mooncrs3
fantazia moonqsr mshuttle mshuttlj mshutlj2 moonal2 moonal2b supergx
eagle eagle2 eagle3 spctbird skybase checkman checkmaj dingo
dingoe blkhole kingball kingbalj scorpnmc frogg 4in1 bagmanmc
dkongjrm ozon1 ladybugg vpool drivfrcg drivfrcb bongo hunchbkg
harem tazzmang racknrol hexpool trvchlng luctoday chewing rockclim
scramble scrambls scramblb explorer strfbomb atlantis atlants2 theend
theends omega ckongs froggers frogf amidars triplep knockout
mariner 800fath mars devilfsh newsin7 mrkougar mrkougr2 mrkougb
mrkougb2 hotshock conquer hunchbks hncholms cavelon sfx skelagon
mimonscr mimonkey mimonsco scobra scobras scobrase scobrab stratgyx
stratgys armorcar armorca2 moonwar moonwara spdcoin darkplnt tazmania
tazmani2 calipso anteater anteatg anteatgb rescue aponow minefld
losttomb losttmbh superbon hustler billiard hustlerb frogger frogseg1
frogseg2 froggrmc amidar amidaru amidaro amidarb amigo turtles
turpin 600 flyboy flyboyb fastfred jumpcoas jumpcoat boggy84
redrobin imago scorpion scrpiona ad2083 cclimber cclimbrj ccboot
ccboot2 ckong ckonga ckongjeu ckongo ckongalc bigkong monkeyd
rpatrolb rpatrolo silvland yamato yamato2 toprollr swimmer swimmera
swimmerb guzzler cannonb cannonb2 ckongb gomoku wiping rugrats
dacholer kickboy friskyt friskyta radrad seicross sectrzon firebatl
clshroad clshrdst tubep rjammer magmax cop01 cop01a mightguy
terracre terracrb terracra amazon amatelas horekid horekidb galivan
galivan2 dangar dangar2 dangarb ninjemak youma legion legiono
terraf terrafu kodure armedf cclimbr2 cclmbr2a bigfghtr hyhoo
hyhoo2 pastelg crystalg crystal2 nightlov citylove mcitylov apparel
secolove housemnq housemn2 livegal seiha seiham bijokkoy iemoto
iemotom ryuuha ojousan ojousanm bijokkog orangec orangeci vipclub
korinai korinaim kaguya kaguya2 kaguya2f otonano kanatuen kyuhito
mjsikaku mjsikakb mjsikakc mjsikakd mmsikaku mjcamera mmcamera msjiken
hanamomo hanamomb telmahjn taiwanmb gionbana idhimitu mgion mjcamerb
omotesnd abunai mjfocus mjfocusm peepshow scandal scandalm mgmen89
mjnanpas mjnanpaa mjnanpau pairsnb pairsten bananadr mladyhtr chinmoku
maiko mmaiko club90s club90sa lovehous hanaoji pstadium triplew1
triplew2 ntopstar mjlstory vanilla finalbny qmhayaku mjgottub galkoku
hyouban galkaika tokyogal tokimbsj mcontest uchuuai av2mj1bb av2mj2rg
mjuraden koinomp patimono janbari mjanbari ultramhm gal10ren renaiclb
mjlaman mkeibaou pachiten sailorws sailorwa sailorwr wcatcher jituroku
yosimoto psailor1 psailor2 otatidai ngpgal mjgottsu bakuhatu cmehyou
mmehyou mjkoiura mkoiuraa imekura mscoutm mjegolf mhhonban 4psimasy
musobana niyanpai safarir phoenix phoenixa phoenixt phoenix3 phoenixc
condor falcon vautour vautour2 griffon falcona pleiads pleiadbl
pleiadce capitol survival naughtyb naughtya naughtyc popflame popflama
popflamb trvmstr trvmstra trvgns geebee geebeeg bombbee cutieq
navarone kaitei kaiteik sos tankbatt warpwarp warpwarr warpwar2
rallyx rallyxm nrallyx jungler junglers tactcian tactcan2 locomotn
gutangtn cottong commsega bosco boscoo boscoo2 boscomd boscomdo
galaga galagao galagamw galagamk gallag gatsbee digdug digdugb
digdugat digduga1 dzigzag xevious xeviousa xeviousb xeviousc xevios
battles sxevious superpac superpcm pacnpal pacnpal2 pacnchmp phozon
mappy mappyj digdug2 digdug2o todruaga todruago motos grobda
grobda2 grobda3 gaplus gaplusa gapluso galaga3 galaga3m galaga3a
liblrabl toypop polepos poleposa polepos1 topracer topracra topracrb
polepos2 poleps2a poleps2b pacland pacland2 pacland3 paclandm drgnbstr
skykid skykido skykidd baraduke baraduka metrocrs metrocra hopmappy
skykiddx skykiddo roishtar genpeitd rthunder rthundro wndrmomo tceptor
tceptor2 shadowld youkaidk yokaidko dspirit dspirito blazer quester
pacmania pacmanij galaga88 galag88j ws berabohm beraboho mmaze
bakutotu wldcourt splatter splattej faceoff rompers romperso blastoff
ws89 dangseed ws90 pistoldm boxyboy soukobdx puzlclub tankfrce
tankfrcj finallap finalapd finalapc finlapjc finlapjb assault assaultj
assaultp metlhawk metlhwkj ordyne ordynej mirninja phelios dirtfoxj
fourtrax valkyrie finehour burnforc burnfrco marvland marvlanj kyukaidk
kyukaido dsaber dsaberj finalap2 finalp2j gollygho rthun2 rthun2j
sgunner sgunnerj sgunner2 sgunnr2j cosmogng cosmognj bubbletr finalap3
finalp3j luckywld lckywldj suzuka8h suzuk8hj sws sws92 sws92g
suzuk8h2 sws93 speedrcr finalapr finalapo bkrtmaq cgangpzl cgangpzj
exvania fghtatck fa knckhead knckhedj swcourt swcourtj emeralda
emerldaa numanath numanatj quiztou tinklpit xday2 nebulray nebulryj
ptblank gunbulet gslugrsj gslgr94u sws95 sws96 sws97 vshoot
outfxies outfxesj machbrkr ncv1 ncv1j ncv1j2 ncv2 ncv2j
winrun winrun91 solvalou starblad driveyes aircombj aircombu cybsled
ridgerac ridgeraj acedrvrw alpinerd alpinerc ridgera2 ridger2a ridger2b
raveracw raveracj raveraja airco22b alpinr2b cybrcomm cybrcycc timecris
timecrsa victlapw alpinesa propcycl timecrs2 gp500 finfurl2 finfrl2j
cosmicg cosmica cosmica2 panic panic2 panic3 panich panicger
zerohour redclash redclsha redclask magspot magspot2 devzone devzone2
nomnlnd nomnlndg cheekyms ladybug ladybugb ladybgb2 snapjack sraider
cavenger dorodon dorodon2 mrdo mrdoy mrdot mrdofix mrlo
mrdu yankeedo docastle docastl2 docastlo douni dorunrun dorunru2
dorunruc dorunrca spiero dowild jjack kickridr idsoccer spacefev
spacefva highsplt highspla spacelnc sheriff bandido helifire helifira
radarscp dkong dkongo dkongjp dkongjo dkongjo1 dkongjr dkongjrj
dkngjnrj dkongjrb dkngjnrb dkong3 dkong3j dkong3b mario mariojp
masao pestplce spclforc spcfrcii 8ballact 8ballat2 shootgal drakton
strtheat hunchbkd sbdk herbiedk herodk herodku skyskipr popeye
popeyeu popeyef popeyebl punchout spnchout spnchotj armwrest playch10
pc_tenis pc_mario pc_bball pc_bfght pc_ebike pc_golf pc_kngfu pc_1942
pc_smb pc_vball pc_duckh pc_hgaly pc_wgnmn pc_grdus pc_grdue pc_tkfld
pc_pwrst pc_trjan pc_cvnia pc_dbldr pc_rnatk pc_rygar pc_cntra pc_goons
pc_mtoid pc_radrc pc_miket pc_rcpam pc_ngaid pc_tmnt pc_ftqst pc_bstar
pc_tbowl pc_drmro pc_ynoid pc_rrngr pc_ddrgn pc_gntlt pc_smb2 pc_smb3
pc_mman3 pc_radr2 pc_suprc pc_tmnt2 pc_wcup pc_ngai2 pc_ngai3 pc_pwbld
pc_rkats pc_pinbt pc_cshwk pc_sjetm pc_moglf btlecity starlstr cstlevna
cluclu drmario duckhunt excitebk excitbkj goonies hogalley iceclimb
iceclmbj ladygolf machridr machridj rbibb rbibba suprmrio vsskykid
tkoboxng smgolf smgolfj vspinbal vspinblj vsslalom vssoccer vsgradus
platoon vstetris mightybj jajamaru topgun bnglngby vstennis vstennij
wrecking balonfgt vsmahjng vsbball vsbballj vsbbalja iceclmrj vsgshoe
supxevs vsfdf smgolfb vsbbaljb nss nss_ssoc nss_actr nss_con3
nss_adam nss_aten nss_rob3 nss_ncaa nss_skin nss_lwep nss_smw nss_fzer
nss_sten seawolf gunfight tornbase 280zzzap maze boothill checkmat
desertgu dplay lagunar gmissile m4 clowns clowns1 einnings
shuffle dogpatch spcenctr phantom2 bowler invaders blueshrk invad2ct
invadpt2 invaddlx moonbase searthin searthia invadrmr spaceatt spaceat2
sinvzen superinv invasion sstrangr sstrngr2 sinvemag jspecter jspectr2
invrvnge invrvnga galxwars galxwar2 galxwart starw lrescue grescue
desterth cosmicmo cosmicm2 rollingc ozmawars ozmawar2 solfight spaceph
schaser schasrcv lupin3 spclaser laser spcewarl polaris polarisa
ballbomb indianbt m79amb alieninv tst_invd sitv sicv sisv
sisv2 spacewr3 invaderl invader4 yosakdon yosakdoa spceking spcewars
cosmo sspeedr sflush lazercmd bbonk deadeye gypsyjug minferno
medlanes cvs cosmos darkwar spacefrt 8ball 8ball1 logger
dazzler diggerc wallst radarzon radarzn1 radarznt outline goldbug
heartatk hunchbak superbik raiders hero huncholy quasar quasara
seawolf2 spacezap ebases wow gorf gorfpgm1 robby demndrgn
profpac solarfox kick kicka shollow shollow2 tron tron2
tron3 tron4 kroozr domino wacko twotiger twotigrc journey
tapper tappera sutapper rbtapper timber dotron dotrona dotrone
nflfoot demoderb demoderm sarge rampage rampage2 powerdrv stargrds
maxrpm spyhunt turbotag crater zwackery xenophob spyhunt2 spyhnt2a
blasted archrivl archriv2 trisport pigskin sentetst cshift gghost
hattrick otwalls snakepit snakjack stocker triviag1 triviag2 triviasp
triviayp triviabb triviaes gimeabrk minigolf minigol2 toggle nametune
nstocker sfootbal spiker stompin rescraid rescrdsa grudge shrike
gridlee andromed ipminvad skychut spacbeam greenber headoni redalert
demoneye olibochu mpatrol mpatrolw troangel yard vsyard vsyard2
travrusa motorace shtrider shtridra wilytowr atomboy fghtbskt kungfum
kungfud spartanx kungfub kungfub2 battroad ldrun ldruna ldrun2
ldrun3 ldrun3jp ldrun4 lotlot kidniki kidnikiu yanchamr lithero
spelunkr spelnkrj spelunk2 horizon youjyudn vigilant vigilntu vigilntj
kikcubic kikcubib buccanrs buccanra rtype rtypepj rtypeu bchopper
mrheli nspirit nspiritj imgfight loht xmultipl dbreed dbreed72
rtype2 rtype2j majtitle hharry hharryu dkgensan dkgenm72 poundfor
poundfou airduel cosmccop gallop kengo sichuan2 sichuana shisen
matchit hasamu dynablst dynablsb bombrman atompunk bbmanw bbmanwj
bomblord newapunk quizf1 riskchal gussun matchit2 shisen2 gunforce
gunforcu gunforcj bmaster lethalth thndblst uccops uccopsj mysticri
gunhohki majtitl2 skingame skingam2 hook hooku hookj rtypeleo
rtypelej inthunt inthuntu kaiteids nbbatman leaguemn ssoldier psoldier
dsccr94j gunforc2 geostorm firebarr dsoccr94 wpksoc reactor mplanets
mplanuk qbert qberta qbertjp myqbert qberttst qbtrktst insector
tylz argusg krull kngtmare sqbert mach3 usvsthem 3stooges
qbertqub screwloo curvebal vidvince wizwarz qix qixa qixb
qix2 sdungeon elecyoyo elecyoy2 kram kram2 kram3 zookeep
zookeep2 zookeep3 slither slithera complexx spaceskr spacecr junglek
junglkj2 jungleh junglhbr piratpet alpine alpinea timetunl wwestern
wwester1 frontlin elevator elevatob tinstar waterski bioatack hwrace
sfposeid kikstart fgoal fgoala crbaloon crbalon2 sbowling grchamp
marinedt changela jollyjgr bking bking2 bking3 chaknpop josvolly
gsword gsword2 pitnrun pitnruna lkage lkageb lkageb2 lkageb3
msisaac retofinv retofin1 retofin2 fightrol rollace rollace2 vsgongf
ringfgt ringfgt2 fieldday undoukai 40love tsamurai tsamura2 nunchaku
yamagchi m660 m660j m660b alphaxz buggychl buggycht ssrj
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promutra promutrb strvmstr dorachan ladyfrog rabbit tmmjprd malzak
malzak2 supertnk crospang funybubl dcheese lottof2 fredmem f15se
botss stankatk dynadice ssingles tcl macsbios kisekaem kisekaeh
cultname yuka yujan onetwo 1945kiii witch pbchmp95 cardline
bmcbowl pitboss trvwhzho trvwhzha trvwhzve trvwhzva trvwhzii trvwhziv
tictac phrcraze phrcrazs couple couplep couplei suprgolf hotblock
pntnpuzl trucocl ertictac poizone ssfindo ppcar monzagp dambust
dambustr gunpey spaceg wldarrow unkmeyco laserbas laserbsa futflash
turbosub pipeline ttchamp ttchampa dreamwld cybertnk pkscram jollycrd
jolycdcr jolycdit jolycdat jolycdab bigdeal bigdealb cuoreuno elephfam
royalcrd royalcdb magiccrd vroulet rcasino cmv801 cm2v841 cm2841a
ampoker2 ampokr2a ampokr2b ampokr2c lucky8 starspnr vp906iii attckufo
fortecar jackpool murogem quizmstr trailblz supnudg2 egghunt magic10
magic10a magic102 dwarfd trvquest wheelfir littlerb tattack mosaicf2
rbmk go2000 mirax lastfght sliver intrscti

Total Supported: 6166

EDIT: Hah, I see that you edited while I was trying to copy and paste the hulking great big list. :lol:
Holy crap that's a lot more roms than I think eve even have stored.

But even though they're supported it doesnt mean they'll all run well. I see Plasma Sword on that list and I cant even get it to run smooth on a 3ghz pentium, and Osman was a game I needed a special version of MAME just to run.
Pickle said:
Here are the beta versions from a while back, might hold you over till i get things wrapped up

Thanks very much for this Pickle. Even in beta form UAE will be geting a lot of attention when my Pandora arrives in a week or two. Mmmm Miggy FTW :D
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Great initiative with a launch-title thread Kojote! ;)
Well written and very pleasant information. One of the first things I'm going to install when I finally receive my Pandora, is of course Giana's Return. Keep up the good work with PDRoms!