Pandora For Sale (eBay)


Still Fresh
Oct 4, 2008

First-batch Pandora (serial number 31), no silk-screening, shoulder buttons are a little wonky (easily fixed, I'm told), but otherwise in good condition. Includes everything that originally came with it (international charger and a case for an extra battery), and I'll change the shipping address of my TV-out pre-order to the winning bidder's. Also, if you want a 32GB class 4 SD card that's barely been used I'll include it for an extra 70USD (I'd bought it specifically for use with the Pandora and haven't used it much).

Shipping to United States addresses only, unfortunately.
Wow. One of the first hundred Pandoras for the original, lower, price. That's incredible. If I wasn't waiting for my Pandora to arrive by air-mail, I'd bid on it.
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