Painting Your Gp2x


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Jun 13, 2006
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Hey all

Just as a passing thought I was thinking about if anyone (Craigix or ED) etc offered a painting service for the GP2X?? (Just to give it something different) If not can anyone tell me what would be needed to do a very decent paint job (basically changing the colour of every shell part) which paints etc..

and what screwdrivers etc are needed to disassemble the device for spraying (I tried using a small head one before but couldn't get the back off the unit).

I was thinking about giving the GP a hard wearing pearl enamel finish. Also does anyone know of where you can get decal / transfer paper (so you can print on it and then stick it on the GP2X) from ??
I'd advise against it. I think even the very best paints have a tendancy to chip so it may start looking really nice but will soon look a mess. I've seen the decal paper but I can't remember where (If I remember I'll let you know) though again I'm not sure how durable it would be.
It might be ok if I use model aircraft paint as I remember that paint is pretty hard going. I'm thinking leave the buttons alone but just do the outer casings (including the middle part)
If your not sure on doing it yourself, I do Xbox, PS2 & 360 modding. So GP2X wouldnt take much. PM if your interested.
You could try this.

Make sure you get the white and not the clear. They advise sealing it with acrylic varnish which is probably a good idea. As its water slide you would probably wan't to remove the casing anyway to avoid the risk of getting any water inside the unit so you may as well give it a spray of varnish before putting it all back together.
Cool thanks for that. Yeh I think the idea will be to dismantle the device and spray it and put a thick clear gloss coat on it to make it hard wearing.

I should be able to do a decent job of the replacement GP2X textures as I had to create high res textures for my 3D GP2X so printing those out on transfer paper etc shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Lol you reckon if i sprayed the rubber covers it would screw them up?
dude i would seriously think about this before you do it - i was going to paint mine a while back but i realised it wasnt worth the risk of have a crappy lookin 2x a couple of months down the line
mine already looks a bit iffy lol i accidently got a bit of super glue on it went to take it off with nail polish remover and it took off a bit of the black near the headphone socket i was like WTF! hence why im going to polish it up and make it nice.
Somewhat. Basically I might do it like the white version of my render. It's nothing over zealous it will be a simple thing idea is to keep it looking pretty and give it a hard wearing finish (the standard finish on the gp2x is just too weak and scratches easily leaving those unsightly scuff marks on it)

maybe a mix between these two:



Not sure whether painting the buttons would be a good idea but if done right might look cool! other thing is to give it a hard gloss coat... reckon a DS Lite style finish would be possible? If it is then I think our GP2X's would look the business :)

EDIT: On a side note has anyone made a how-to-dismantle (and void your warranty) your GP2X guide?? Would be quite handy for the would-be modder.
Well if you're going for it I think the first image looks the best. The contrast of the black and white just looks more striking.
i like the second one but the paint on the buttons and joy may ware off easily *shrugs* i want a white but im too scared of doin it wrong
Nice thing to know though is gbax got spare gp2x parts lurking about so in theory you could just get a replacement case I just hope the cost isn't blatently overpriced as with other gp2x stuff (still waiting on a quote).
DBH said:
Not too bad I guess! but can you believe they want a £1 for a rubber headphone cover lol.
Lol, I remember that was the first thing I ripped right off the unit the first time I started using headphones on it. I wish I didn't toss it away though :( Could have made £1
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