Optional 3G/UMTS module

I get the point about limiting things, but I can't follow this USB part. Maybe because you are reaching with that.
Hmm, don't know how to make it more obvious:Think about a simple case like a radio receiver module. Small, easy to connect via an internal USB connection, cheap to aquire and implement (you don't even have to alter the case for that), and probably with a little bigger userbase than the "we want a pyra phone" group, software support also isnt a problem. Why not implement it ?

Anyway, doesn't make sense to draw the line on the speaker and microphone. It's not like a off the wall feature.
As said before, thats your opinion, and thats ok.
Yes, but his not going to deliberately hurt a feature, like not even having the call and internet working before it release, by doing so.
Maybe, don't know - the point is, he is limiting already artificially.
With so many people with smartphones/phones today, you think this how?
Why bring such a nonsense argument into play that has no real connection to the argument at hand ?
I'm pretty sure it will be at able to make calls and go on the internet before it's releases. Ironing will be done afterwards.
If you are so sure about it, you can certainly come up with clues/hints that guide your conclusion ? Otherwise its wishfull thinking. And as said before having core functionality not ready by the time the hardware goes through reviews from the outside, could backfire.
Except it is additional costs, probably nearly the same as an built-in mic and speaker and an additional thing to

With the small exception that most probably own already one and a cheap one is surely cheaper than the costs to include it in the Pyra. And you still have to pay for it either way.
Except the speaker and a microphone can be use for more than the phone, so it gives emphasis that it can do more than one thing.

Software can be down by updates, at least the hardware would already be set in place.
Name a few additional usecases that would benefit from it and cannot be covered by just opening up the Pyra (or it is at least inconvenient, to do so).
Because you are so against a feature that will complement 3G/4G and will benefit yourself.
Interesting that you know me better than I do.
You vocalizing your discontent? So, you are more content in having to using a headset than just pick up and putting the Pyra to your ear? You rather have a headset over the this?
As I don't intend to use the phone functionality at all (even if it ever materializes in a mature state) I have no problem with that.
With it you gain easy way to talk and/or listen to music without opening it and can still chose to get headset/Bluetooth vs everyone having to get and carry just to talk,that will be more of a cost anyway.
If I want to listen to music I open up the lid - can't think of any situation where I would not use heaphones and have no ability to open the Pyra but put her upside down somewhere. And if you are thinking about having the Pyra in your pocket - at least the speakers in the Pandora are doing an acceptable job, currently no reason to believe the one in the Pyra will perform otherwise.
Not that I agree you, but I'm honestly kind of tired of arguing about this subject.