Some questions about the 3G / GPS module

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Aug 10, 2007
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Hi all :)

I have some questions regarding the optional 3G / GPS module:

- Are GPS and 3G part of the same module ? I.e could you have one without the other ?

- Besides the obvious "making phone calls" and "sending / receiving text messages", what would you guys like to do with the 3G module ?

- Is the GPS compatible with Galileo (EU) and / or Glonass (Russia) systems ? 

- Slightly off topic: is there a list of planned accessories for the Pyra ? For example, will there be a docking station on sale ?

Thanks and cheers, Magic Sam
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I think GPS and 3G are indeed part of the same module.

I would use 3G for mobile internet, of course.

No idea about the other questions.
I would use 3G to broadcast my location to the government!  And calls and texts.  And interwebs stuff.

The dock was mentioned, no clue if it will happen.
I think there may have been some plans for a dock at some point.

How official or serious they were, I don't know
Yes, I believe ed will only commence work on the proposed docking station when the pyra is done/in production.
- Besides the obvious "making phone calls" and "sending / receiving text messages", what would you guys like to do with the 3G module ?
Use it for location events... If I ever write my program :)
On the assembly pics, you see a PLS8-E. I used to believe all PLS8 could do GPS and Glonass:

But then I found this pdf:

which explicitly mentions GPS/Glonass only for the PLS8-V, and this hardware interface description:

... which doesn't mention either GPS or Glonass. But I also remember G3 and GPS being supposed to be in the same chip, so I'm actually quiet unsure now...
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No worries, you've misread the document.

Notice that the list of features, in front of the "PLS8-E" there's a greater than sign(>)?

And then a few lines that don't have that?  Then beside the "PLS8-US" another one followed by none. Same with the PLS8-X and the PLS8-V, and then below the PLS8-V, starting with "LTE ..." they all have greater than signs?

That's indicating "On the PLS8-E, these specific bands, and on the PLS8-US these ones, and so on" and all other lines with greater than signs are inclusive.

They all have LTE, they all have UMTS, they all have GSM, they all have AT commands, they all have GPS.

The second document probably doesn't mention GPS because it specifically is irrelevant to the hardware.  It tells how to wire everything up but there's probably nothing extra for the GPS, or if there is it may be in a different document.

The AT command API document contains GPS instructions and no mention that it's dependent on platform.
Ah, I was looking for clues that some of these features were supposed to be for the whole family, but missed the > semantics. Your interpretation seems flawless.

Thanks for dispelling my doubts.
Don't worry about it. When you mentioned it I reread it and started getting worried too, but then I noticed the importance of the greater than signs and all was well again.