Openjazz Gp2x V0.0.2 Available :)


Certified Guru
Oct 22, 2004
Madrid, Spain

After some days trying to fix a problem related with SDL libraries, I have a new version to download.

This version is based in the second OpenJazz release dated 30th January that fixed some problems with springs and platforms.

The new features are:
- Increased game speed from 20 FPS to 60-100 FPS (Thanks to paeryn's Hw Accelerated SDL).
- Changed buttons functions by popular demand.
- Added audio support (no sound fx because OpenJazz doesn't support them yet). You must convert all .psm files to .s3m with Chronos Module Converter and copy them in Openjazz's folder (Thanks to A600 for his code).
- Added volume control (Thanks to Rlyeh's minilibs).
- Changed screen resolution from 320x200 to 320x240, now it's seen in full screen.
- Fixed bug that avoided Jazz to jump as high as he should do.

You can download it here.

Could you add an option to display it back at 1:1 in a menu or something. The stretching distortion looks kind of bad.
Very cool - it'll be interesting to see how close to Jazz this can actually come as the PC version comes along. Jazz on the move doth rock!