Ommpc2x Wiz


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Dec 22, 2005
Coder_TimT released the music player Ommpc2x for the Wiz:

* Icon based menu system replaces popup menu, easily navigated with controls or touchscreen
* Now playing screen with player controls and album art.
* Translations text, only English right now. I need translations and then I'm sure stuff won't fit right and I'll have to tweak...
* Key binding configurations. There is a file 'keys' that can be modified to change the default key bindings. Press Select+Start(Home) together to see the current key bindings for each mode(playlist, now playing, etc) you are in.
* Touchscreen seek bar
* New skin/crystal icons(currently depreciated all old skins and only have this one)


Version 0.4.1

* Speedup in switching between main menu and submenus and back
* Increased polling of mpd to increase responsivness of ui
* Unified codebase with WIZ changes
* Removed unused show album art option from options menu
* Removed default directory from skin list in options
* Fixed names in language file of key bindings that were ending up in the options file when saved

Version 0.4.2

* Cut down start-up time by half
* Fixed Add to Queue key binding
* Tweaked touchscreen handling code so that it doesn't miss as many presses

Version 0.4.3

* Only refresh setting screen when needed
* Look for broader range of album art names/types
* Fixed flicker on gp2x wiz
* Fixed songdb thread to wait longer before starting in case mpd db update hadn't started yet(Fixed db update crashed?)
* Choose lang in option menu

German translation
Spanish translation
Basque (Euskara) translation
Thanks sbock, Hardyx and Bizkaitarra.


* Just as with the f100/f200 there are some issues with changing the clock speed while music is playing. It will occasionlly freeze the system.
* Updating the database will cause an occasional crash. Haven't taken the time to track this down yet. Make it the first thing you do after opening when it's needed to minimize the chances.
* There is a possible issue with saving options. If the file gets corrupted, just copy the originals back...or fix by hand.
* Apparently there is some flickering issues on some screens I need to look into...

For those new to this player, here's some information to get you started...

* Ommpc is a frontend for the Music Player Daemon, which is also included in the package and is automatically started/stopped by the program as opposed to actually running as a daemon.
* It is playlist-centric and database driven, so your music collection must be added to the database first(Settings->Update DB). Then songs are played via playlists.
* There are many ways to get your songs in the playlist, you can instantly play a song which immediatly adds it and starts playing, you can also easily add entire folders/artists/albums/genres to a playlist or let the program create a random one.
* Default keys try to keep the system notion that 'B' is action and 'X' is cancel/back. Start/Home brings up the menu and Select toggles the current view.
* Select + Start/Home will bring up a popup list of all keybinding valid on the current screen and Global to the progam
* Some action require pressing and holding a button down. This is represented in the key list as HOLD_.
* Pressing and holding the Start/Home button will lock the screen(but not turn it off currently) and underclock the system. I don't know about the Wiz, but the gp2x can play back 192kbps MP3 or AAC at < 100Mhz when locked.
* There will be a slight delay in adjusting the volume as I had to turn the software mixer on to have the volume display work correctly.
* That should get you started. Have fun.

Ommpc2x needs translations and skins! We already have English, German, Spanish and Basque (Euskara) translation.
Interessted? Post here or send me (sbock) a message.

Download: Here.