Now This Is Fucked Up

sam fisher

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Apr 11, 2004
Bristol, UK
You were still up at two am!!!!!!!!!

after all the times you were on MSN and I talked to you you must of been awake for at least 24 hours straight.

Oh yeah Ill assume Matt called me a wanker 500 times more while I was offline.

the mole does things to matt

well that's it it's just matt, frank, doug, nini, and ricardo, oh and well then theres seth but so far i think he's normal
I see Seth is still there.


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Jan 24, 2004
just to let you all know, i'm Matt in the conversation. I'll explain this whole thing. Last night, i was at my friends house, that would be the cheat to you, so he was talking to his friend Veronica. And being the mean person I am i called her a bitch, but i didn't want her to know who i was and we had already said my name. so she said "you boys are crazy" the first thing i said was "Who said we're all boys" so she would think i'm a girl (which i'm not to inform you all) and my name was Mattilda and Matt was my short name. but that didn't work. she still thought i was a boy and I still called her a bitch which made her even more mad. The cheat being ever so stupid i think decided to tell he because she kept asking if i was a real person and he'd say yes. (the start of where we started the page) so i had to twist things around the The cheat would say like when he said "yes" i would say "in my head" so i created the other characters to make my friend look like he was crazy so she wouldn't kick my ass. I doubt it worked but it may delay the butt kicking i may get. I so nice for saying my friend is crazy so I don't get the shit beat out of me. ah the joys of being evil. :D

Oh by the way i didn't call you a wanker 500 times after, but now i will.

Oh and maybe i might post it up on a better website and make it look nicer.


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Nov 4, 2003
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