Careful About Downgrading Your Psp!


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Mar 4, 2003
Just a quick note:

Be careful when downgrading your PSP, as somebody released a fake Downgrader under the "Team PSP" name...

So, if you want to downgrade your PSP, DON'T USE THE ONE FROM TEAM PSP!

They haven't released one, and the fake one deletes necessary files from your firmware, making a nice brick out of your PSP!
And there is NO WAY yet to bring this PSP back to life!

Glad the GP32 community is so nice - we didn't have a fake firmware flasher :/
lol shit, thats gitted :( .

Glad i followed the links correctly to make sure i did it right.

it's a shame that somebody will probably make a brick with their psp, only inevitabled until some git flash firmware with fag version then all hope lost.
Their is software out that checks files before you put them onto the PSP.... Or was that something that checks the Firmware to make sure it was real and complete hhhmmm

Anyway, EvilDragon, did you make a PSP Download page? If so do you have all the Correct Working Downgrade files and 1.50 Firmware on it??

If I were a conspiracy-loving freak, I'd say Sony had a hand in this to scare people from using homebrew, and of course to buy more PSP's.

But that's just being silly.
that is silly. Sony maybe money grubbing like all other companies but they don't make any money off of you buying another PSP. remember most systems are sold at a loss fir their first two years of life and their money is made on the games they sell you.

The people trying to Brick PSPs are doing it for the same reasons hackers make viruses; to screw others over for fun.