A Nice Thread All About The Psp


yoyo has done himself proud playing metal slug on a small screen is fab and its bloody quick zipped too.

go psp homebrew!

though still not as cool as meh geepee :p
I've come into access of every single Neogeo CD game released. :) No I won't tell you where.

About to give Last Blade 2 a try. Almost finished Metal Slug 2 today though!
yup, found out you need to unpack the iso and zip the contents and not the folder that contains the stuff! so stupid of me. been playing mslug 1 & 2 along with windjammers, lastblade 2 and kof 98. last blade 2 runs awfully slow(loading times) when zipped, however. unzipped, it's perfect! the character sprites sometimes dissapear, though. windjammers is also lacking sound effects, but overall this is a verry impressive release.
looking forward to the rest and wishing the psp had an 8 way pad and a fat 320x240 display instead :p

i also tried neo drift out, but the game 'crashed' during game play. so far this emulator is flawless! without filters the image won't look very well stretched to full screen, though. speaking of fullscreen, how can you run this at full screen???? who said you can?

yeah, i also have the neocd iso set, too bad no garou port
Krizalid, you've just been PWNT!

KoF 99 works FLAWLESSLY unzipped. :)

If you want to run the game full screen, set the Render to either 2 or 3.

Render 1 is the best one to have at the moment.
ah dammit now I have to go track down a whole new set of Neo Geo CD games...

I just recently 'completed' my collection of the AES Cart Roms too....
haha :D
neo cd over aes/mvs since ram is the issue. man this emulator is awesome, though!
this is torture.... I still havent' had time to get this emu and try it out....
do any of the supersidekicks games work on this emu? what size would they be? i'm gonna be ordering a 512mb card this week hopefully so i can get more stuff on my psp instead of that dirty 32mb thing lol

Neo Geo CD - whooo. On Paternity Leave atm so no time to try any of this out... I'll have to find some Neo Geo CD Roms somewhere then...