New Pandora, can't run/install .PNDs?


May 14, 2012
Michigan, United States
Just got my Pandora. 

I can't install or run any PNDs. When I go through the PNDStore on the unit, I can't install anything. The installer throws this error: "Failed to install application: IO Error(13, Permission Denied)". I tried downloading from the Repo on my laptop and putting the .PNDs directly on my SD card. I try to run them on the Pandora but nothing happens when they're executed. 

I've read several times that I'm supposed to install the applications to the SD card, but I can't select my SD card as my install directory from the PNDStore. All I can choose is 'usr/pandora/apps' or 'usr/pandora/mmenu'. 

My Pandora froze after the initial setup process, not sure if this has to do with the problem (last thing I did was enter my location, then the windows closed and nothing happened. I performed a battery pull to reset).

I am not familiar with Linux, but I do not appear to have root access. Trying to open a root terminal asks for the administrator password and my password does not work. There is only one user account, how can it not be the administrator account? Is there some default administrator password that I'm unaware of? ('password' does not work.)

My assumption is that I need root access to install .PNDs. I really wanna get this thing working. Any pointers?
sounds like your folder structure is wrong. Do you even have one on your SD card?

it looks like this:     pandora (folder)

                                /     /     \      \

                               /     /       \       \

                             /      /         \        \

                appdata   apps  desktop  menu

                (folder)  (folder) (folder)   (folder)

make sure to chack if your SD card works! if not try to format it
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In the "System" menu there's a "Create Pandora SD Card" option. Use that to setup the directories on your card first, then run PNDStore.

First thing you'll want to install is PND Manager, then never use PND Store again.
As far as the root password, there isn't one. Normal users are not supposed to have root privileges, Linux was designed to be multi-user protected from the start. Not actually having a root login is a safety feature.

You can open a regular terminal and temporarily increase your privileges by typing "sudo su" and then entering your password. You can also do one off commands (such as "sudo vi" to edit a file). You should rarely have to do this, only if you want to do some tweaking or learning, or something has gone very wrong, and in those cases we will always be glad to help.
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I had the same issue here. Had to reformat the sd card although it was fresh out of the package. After that, I used the "create sd card" option found in the Pandora menu. After that, I didnt have any issues installing .PNDs
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