NES, GBC emus...


Apr 23, 2003
I'm gathering stuff to try on my GP32 when it comes.

Which NES emu is currently the best? Sound and good speed? Save states?

How about Gameboy and/or Gameboy Color? Same questions.

I know GPengine is good, so I have that already. I really just want to try fast emus with good compatibility and features at first. So I probably won't bother with SNES emus until later, or if they suddenly get much better than what I've read about them.
the Nes and gb emus arent very good at this moment :(
i dont want to blame the coders with this, i know it is hard to do such thing!!!

also i think nobody is really working on a gb emu now.
i think we need a new one. perhaps i start porting one, but for this i have to learn how to port such things!
perhaps someody could help me with this.

i try to port gnuboy, saw this on the Dreamcast and it was really cool, there are also some pocketpc arm ports, so it shouldnt be to hard.

think i open a new thread in the dev forum.

i only know until now a bit about gcc and compiling, and understand a bit of compiling errors (i use linux :) )

ok bye
Hopefully, with Infones's source code released, someone will improve it. It's mainly just the sound that is horrible - get rid of the static, add savestates, and it'd be a good emu.
Agree Rob

The GP32 infoNes ain't perfect, but it's still a pretty good BETA EMU, but then neither was the PC version which is where the GP32 source came from.

There maybe other emu's for the NES that would port easier, there may even be someone out there already looking into this.

Almost daily someone else announces that they're working on such and such, so hopefully perfect NES should join (almost) perfect SMS on the GP32.


Well I don't think anyone will pick up infones, I think they'll just work on nester :D
I agree with both Rob and Mr. T

infones is in a good beta state right now, the fact that it plays as many games as it does, and emulates sound A LITTLE, is pretty awesome for the first public beta.

The day Nes and Snes become perfect will be the day I go to heaven. :D
The day MAME runs perfectly (within the limits of the hardware) is the day the GP32 will have achieved it's purpose...
GPVGB is pretty good ..
compatibility isnt excellent, but speed is perfect (even with GBC), and sound is.... well... sound is crap, but a real GB doesnt sound any better :)

Games that work:
Dragon Warrior 1, 2 and 3
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (tara/cobi)
Final Fantasy Legends (saga frontier) 1, 2 and 3
Final Fantasy Adventure (seiken densetsu ?! doesnt start the same....)
Pokemon Gold
Zelda DX (links awakening)

Games that dont:
Zelda Oracles (ages/seasons)
Pokemon Crystal
Tony Hawk 3
GTA 1 and 2

This is just based on my limited experience.. lots more good games to try :)
heh.. can you tell i like RPGs? :p
I found GPVGB rather useless.
Its funny though that it seems to play newer GBC ROMs alot better than old mono
games... that could be just the games I tried, but I got the impression that the older
and simpler the games are, the smaller is the chance for them to work. :huh:

Anyway. Sloth, if you want to play Gameboy games, you will be bound to install both,
GPVGB and GPGB, to get a higher compatibility rate. They don't need much space
after all.

InfoNES is very good if you turn off the sound. I tried at least 50 games on
it (hey, I owned LOTS of NES games over the years! No joke! :)) and nearly all of them
worked fine at a decent speed. It gets very slow though, when there are many sprites on
the screen.
Thats strange - I think gpvgb is gine?

Grand theft auto works - only some slight garble on-screen
Zelda oracle\ages does work?

and most games do work??

its got high compatibility - some of the later gbc games are not emulated so well if not at all eg, perfect dark etc??
Dunno... I have tried the really old stuff, and I still have the impression that
this works worse than the newer RPGs and stuff.

Some examples i experienced:

The vertical platformers I tried (Mario1, Castlevania1, Bugs Bunny1+2 ) all show
similar problems: If the game has a time limit, the time counter always generates an
infinite loop at the end of the level (when it should decrease to zero), which
causes the game to break. Backgrounds and are "shifted" at some points like glued
together improperly. Mario2 doesn't work, since the main map is completely broken.
There are gfx flaws with overlayered sprites, like your character climbing down tubes
in Mario or Bugs Bunny. Double Dragon 3 doesn't work. Tetris doesn't work... So,
these were more or less all the games I tried.

As for Perfect Dark... When I loaded it, the screen turned to a perfect dark, so
I thought this was working nice. :p
Jokes aside, Perfect Dark is huge... ROM size bigger than 4 MB? I think that is
too much for the emu to handle.
I got Tetris DX, Zelda DX, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, GTA and many other games working with a few visual artifacts. So far it's coping with anything I throw at it.

OTOH Snesemu's alpha doesn't run a few games at all, such as Super Metroid.

Since I am a Sega fan, I am priveleged with a perfect SMS emu, and maybe a perfect Gen emu soon ... :p