Need Help Fnding A Program


Apr 20, 2006
Hey since people on here seem to be able to find just about anything, does anyone know of a GUI program that will let you type in a command and browse for files to use as arguments? It is kind of hard to explain very well so I made a couple mockup pictures to show what I mean.

In the first picture, I would be combining 3 mpg files into one using mencoder as the command. In the second one I would be combining 3 parts of a ripped PSP game into 1 ISO. I know I could just type it into a terminal but sometimes the filenames are not as easy as 1.mpg so it would be nice if someone had a program I could browse to the file and have it fill it out.

If someone knows of a program that would be able to do this, or would be willing to write one real quickly, I would be greatly appreciative. It doesn't have to look or work exactly like my pictures as those are only to let you see what I was talking about. I am usually pretty good at finding things on the internet but I cannot even think where to look or what to look for. Thank you for any help.
I think KDE incorporates this feature (kind of). It would be possible to add an action to .mpg files' context menu so you would select them in the file manager, right click->actions->merge (or what ever you want to call it). I imagine other desktops and/or file managers have ways of doing this too, but I only know KDE. It shouldn't involve any coding, but you may need to craft a file to put in ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus .

Edit: To give you an idea, here's the contents if the script I use to extract mp3s from .flv files...
[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action RipAudio]
Name=Rip Audio
Exec=ffmpeg -i %u %u.mp3
benjymous said:
That's what the tab key is for :)
Yeah I know but sometimes I'm too lazy to type even that small amount.

aaron11193 said:
I know this isn't very helpful but have you thought of just renaming the files?


It's hard to make it sound like I'm not trying to be a dick.

The problem is that a lot of the files are on a DVD so I would have to copy them to the hard drive first, which I know isn't hard, but I was hoping I could leave them on the DVD

I'm using GNOME so I don't know if the script would work for it or not. Does anyone know, if I just use *.mpg or something like it, will it use the files in alphabetical order or some other weird order like Windows seems to use all the time?
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You can cd to the DVD and use mencoder from there. As for the wildcard, it ought to be in alphabetical order.
frefol said:
I'm using GNOME so I don't know if the script would work for it or not.
I expect not, unless you are running konq in gnome. This might help, but I must confess I don't know much about gnome.
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