Beta Mupen64Plus

Hi All

I'm trying to run the emulator and I get the same error that FelixNemix had whenever I try to run anything - just the first error about so.2 not the other two lines:

"UI-Console Error: dlopen('/usr/local/lib/') failed: /usr/local/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

When I try to install libgl-gl4es-pyra I get "unable to locate package" error
minizip1 is already installed when I check

That leaves me with asking how do I install funkeymonkey? My pyra is updated as far as I know. Does it mean I need to do a full dist upgrade?

I am a bit lost here. Thanks in advance for any tips!
I just wanted to ask, and then i saw your Post Wally, yesterday i prepared my next Video by some playing of Games, and the it was a bit strange to see the Different between Muppen and Reicast ..