Multiplayer with multiple Pandoras


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Nov 19, 2011
Uncanny Valley

surprisingly, i haven't found a topic like this.

Are there any programs available or planned, that can be played with multiple Pandoras via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB-Network?

GB, GBA, etc... would be awesome, but also some homebrew.

I haven't found anything. Just like the possibility of connecting an iCP easily for a second gamepad,

it's a surprise for me, that the dev-fund doesn't seem to have affected the whole multiplayer-stuff.

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Well, there's this thread for the emulation side

Also, a number of games on the Pandora support multiplayer. Paperwars comes to mind first, then I believe there's a new multiplayer Tetris game. The Bub Brothers is available on Pandora. I'm sure there's more, but they're the ones that come to mind first
I've tested some of the 3D shooters between my two Pandoras, most seem to have working multiplayer, The Quakes, Hexen II, Descent, Aleph One (Marathon Series).. Actually can't think of any game that had multiplayer over network that didn't work outside of eDuke3d.. but that's a pain to setup even on the PC.

The Seven Kingdoms RTS game I ported over to the Pandora has multiplayer and I tested that as well. There are a bit of games with multiplayer, just need to find them.
I've seen things around the net that make certain emulators work online by sharing a connection, the most prominent was an N64 emulator that supports online multiplayer by sending control inputs and recieving video back, as a result everyone gets the split screen and for games that use random number generators like Mario Party everyone is in sync.

I think I asked something like this before, if it'd be possible to make a virtual link cable for any of the emulators ur didn't get much back from it.

Maybe if a more refined remote desktop app was around, sending control input and recieving video back over the net would make every almost all emulators multiplayer compatible, although I have no idea how feasible this is.
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