Mini-review: My first impressions (after 4 days)

There is no "GNU vs Linux" struggle in my mind - GNU and Linux is a very nice combination. For example on the Pandora :)
Perhaps the eternal GNU vs Linux struggle could go somewhere else that isn't ostensibly a thread about first impressions of a new Pandora? Please?

I'm not interested in arguing extensively over whether you should call GNU/Linux "GNU/Linux" or "Linux" (I'd rather point to here), but someone is saying that GNU is crap, and I don't understand why. GNU, not Linux, is what separates the Pandora's OS from Android (sure, the Android doesn't have vanilla Linux, i.e. it's modified, but it's still based on Linux).
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Some GNU tools are of less import than they used to be (gcc for example, with a lto of folks cutting over to llvm.) GPL3 versus GPL2 is a lot of the reason.. political, not usability. Anyway, even if someday all the GNU userland stops being used, it shoudl never been forgotten how important it has been -- without GNU and the FSF, there woudl be no Linux distributions at all in all liklihood, not to mention the BSDs (which have their own userland entirely, but commonly all built with gcc :)

GNU is still huge today, and vitalyl important; some of it is ugly, sure, some of it is not. Grand seeeping statements are just..

.. racist? licensist? :)

We must assume he is trolling. Well done!


Enjoyed your excellent Pandora review....very good overview of the device.....

Makes me even more excited about receiving mine...hope to see it within a day or two.....