Making sure a game is pandora compatible


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Dec 14, 2011
Me and some friends from school (which conveniently has a focus on computer science) are planning on making a game soon. I would like to make it pandora compatible if possible so can someone explain what we should keep in mind while making it that would be great. I probably will mainly be focusing on the art of it while my more capable friends with programming will do more of the programming, I can still work on the programming but I cannot do some parts of it. Once we actually get started and are in a position to show stuff off I will try posting some videos and pictures. Once we are nearly done then we are going to see if we are going to sell it, (hey we would like some money ;p) or if we are just going to release it and use it as a good experience. We have not started yet and now are in the concept phase of it.
languages :c,c++

libraries: SDL, OpenGL-ES (stick to open source in general) libraries like libphyfs,openal-soft

There are some interpreters you could look into like fenix, bennugd (i never have used, just read about)

In general stick to C and SDL and your app will run on basically any major OS regardless of the arch.

not mandatory, but wiser : 16bbp

Dont overuse float, forbid double.

And... you're in business to do an awesome pandora game ;)
Okay thanks and I'll let you all know once it is complete enough to test on the pandora if we get that far.
If you are new to development, hear my words! Don't give up if you get stuck, even if you have to stare your code for couple hours. It's completely normal ^_^

In theory, best code is code that has doesn't work at all in start. If your code works first and during time something happens.. Most cases, it's a pain to fix :)

Good luck and keep us informed! (Just don't stole my idea game idea :p Hehe)
Thanks for asking, shinifish! I was going to ask myself, but you beat me to the punch. :)

Excuse me while I go off to learn C.
What is the reason you didn't proposed pygame or LÖVE ? (game libraries for python and Lua respectively)

Is it for compatibility, for performance issues, or for memory issues ?

libraries: SDL, OpenGL-ES

I don't know about pandora, but if your target include computers with low specs, it may be better to use SDL, because it always works whereas OpenGL may be broken in a significant amount of laptop or even desk computers.
Pygame *works*, but games easily gets too slow to be playable. The same probably applies to Löve.

Oh, and and one last tip; Thou shalt keep alpha blending disabled when thee can, for a slideshow will otherwise await thee.