Local forums?


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Oct 24, 2008
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"Üprigens waren meine ersten Beiträge im deutschen Pandora/Gp2x Forum rechtschreibmäßig auch nicht die besten, also brauche ich nur ein bisschen mehr Übung um hier im Englischen Forum eine saubere englische Gramatik zu bekommen.."

Ok so whe should mybe make this archiving thing to the german boards, and open some German Speaking Threads in this Boards,
Like i said before: Even if you had English in Shool, lots of Issues, whit the Pyra, the Pandora, GPD Win, needs some sort of "Technical English",

The Pandora was quite easy to use due to the PND System, if you know how to trag and trop, and how to click on a Icon, you can make lots of things whitout knowing linux or technical english on the Pandora,
This means, if whe have also the German Members in this Boards, whe will also get Members, who needs a German Questions Thread..


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Mar 17, 2009
Let's say a German user has a problem with using the Pyra, and posts it casually on a German forum. Turns out it's some kind of bug, and they find a fix/workaround. Now they should report in on the general, English-language support forums, possibly go through translating their train of thought, posts etc. That's some work, some duty. And if they don't, when the bug resurfaces on the English forums, there is either a chance none of the German-speakers will be around to say "hey, I saw this one, we found a solution", or he will have to say "hey yeah we have a solutuion for it but it's in German, hope You make sense out of it" or explain it one by one.

The above of course is a super exaggerated situation and with our fine sense of community it quite possibly may never happen in such a setup, but still...
You know, I've thought about this for a while. I think it cannot be solved theoretically. On a case-by-case basis, why shouldn't local board sections actually provide a benefit, for everyone?

The German and English boards in particular were nicely running along in parallel for years, so there's that (however, German is probably a special case). And yeah, maybe French is another good candidate for a local section, too. I think possibly Japanese, too.

Anyway... what I'm trying to say is: Possibly the right thing to do would be to just go ahead and try it. Not everyone really feels comfortable using English, after all, so like matzesu I see quite the potential for creativity that could come out of local sections. I mean, sure, we can discuss pros and cons and plenty of fringe cases all day long, but as long as there are a couple of interested people who speak German/French/Japanese/Language + English, I do not see why it would be wrong to try it. If and when it really does cause trouble, okay, revert the decision.


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Jan 31, 2006
my two cents: do it like they have done on the neogeo forums. Provide a language specific board for the people who want to get support or chat in their own language, but do not provide the same structure as the general boards. I think it's nice to have the choice of language but keep the general boards in English. This way most of the conversations take place in the international section, but people with poor language skills or the wish to meet people from their own country, can post a thread in the localized board.