Libgles2d Test Release


Apr 20, 2007

I wanted to upload an early version of my cross platform openGL 2D library so some people with a good knowledge could try it on theire desktop ( compiled on/for ubuntu i386 ) and say me what they think of it.

Here is a link with a few exemple :

To compile the exemples, you should just need an openGL linux desktop, and you may miss some basic library ( you could report me what library are missing so i can inform people in the upcoming readme ). Note that for now, primitives (circle, triangle and square) and ttf font rendering only work on the pandora itself.

I hope some people will try it and report the problems !

Edit : here is what you should be able to do with it :

- Init the screen and openGL context in one line ( SDL like)
- Draw 2d textures ( scale, rotate, blend ... )
- Draw sprites
- Draw text ( bitmap text and TTF text )
- Compatible tiles maps loading/drawing made with mappy, and maybe soon "tile studio" (must finnish to add collision support for it)
- Collision support beetween textures, sprties and tiles maps.
- Draw particles
- Handle touchscreen
- Cross platform, work on the pandora and any linux based desktop (maybe windows if i find someone to port it to windows)
- Maybe more, don't remember.
Yes it is. The compiled library for i386 linux is inside the archive, else you can compile it from svn.