2D Rpg


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Jun 6, 2010
I posted this in the Zelda topic, but figured it would be better to post on it's own.

I've been working on an OpenGL/SDL C++ RPG game for multiple platforms. I'm near the end of the queue for my Pandora and I'm planning on porting it.

I'm using Zelda sprites as placeholders for now, but I plan on making a unique game. It will have an Action RPG focus and I want to use Diablo/Borderlands random item generation.

I've gotten a base Graphics engine done ( Textures, a few Primatives, Scaling, rotation ), movement and collision and started a GUI system.

Here's a quick screenshot:

At the moment I'm looking for another coder or two to help finish the engine and also create the design tools needed for making maps and items. I'm looking for some help with people with experience since I'm not an expert game programming myself.

Send me a PM if you are interested