Release Liberation Circuit


Serial Porter
Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is Liberation Circuit, an RTS on the coding theme.

The game use Allegro 5 and GLES2 here. It works well on Gigahertz and on CC model (without swapfile) but the speed is pretty slow on CC. It's still playable.

Note that the games normally required at least 1024x768 screen. On the Pandora, it's automatically downscaled to 800x480, making the fonts hard (impossible?) to read. So here it use larger font, that should be used with higher res display, so some text overlapping exist.
Unfortunatly, the code editor is just unusable and ship editor is very cramped on the Pandora screen.

History log

Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Some Pandora customization
Just tried this out on my Ghz machine. Works well, although I spent a little too much time trying to attack the FPS indicator and that other one (whatever that says). I did find a little weirdness when after completing the first tutorial level and exiting that game, going back to the main menu and selecting exit killed the music, but the menu stayed statically on the screen. I had to kill it in the end by holding down the pandora key. I couldn't spot anything in the pndrun.out that looked important - just what looked like initialisation stuff followed by a termination.